Coolest New Cars
I see a lot of boring and unimaginative cars on the road so here are my picks for the coolest cars on sale today and therefore the coolest in the used car market when it's time to buy our first post-college car.

First off is the best car on sale today, the Ford Focus RS. With the Focus RS you get fancy Four-Wheel Drive with an adaptive drift setting, 350hp, all for less than $40,000. Unfortunately for the minority of car lovers who like me don't want to drive a stick shift in traffic (crazy right?) its manual gear box only like all Ford's hot hatch's.
If the RS is a bit pricey then you can buy the car my dad drives, the Focus ST it's got 100 less hp and front wheel drive but it still looks and goes great its also more like $30,000.  
If you want to spend less than $25000, then Ford also does the Fiesta ST which can produce almost 200hp, Technically the Fiesta also has the cred because Ford doesn't use Focus' for Rally they use Fiesta's.

This next car is super rare with only 100 examples being sold in the whole USA. Volvo's V60 Polestar is the car I would buy in a heartbeat,assuming of course I had $60,000. A bit pricey compared to the Focus the Polestar makes 360hp and also has 4WD but the bonus is the Polestar is a wagon, the last performance wagon on sale in the US at that.
Volvo also sells the T5 V60 witch has just over 300hp but costs $50,000 still more than the RS but less than the Polestar.

The Option for those like me who won't drive stick but still want 300hp in our hatchback is the Golf R which can come with a DCT (Dual-Clutch Transmission) witch is supposedly faster than the stick shift but has an automatic setting. The R also has just under 300hp a considerable amount less than the RS since it's priced about the same at close to $40,000. Like the RS it has 4WD and a little brother, the GTi (Pictured) which competes with the ST.

The only crossover I have ever liked the Jaguar F-Pace only started to look cool to me when I realized it's a budget Range Rover. Of course by budget I mean comparatively it still starts at $50000, but if you spec the big engine you get a similar power output to the Polestar, you can also have 4WD and you get some of the technology used in the Range Rover which is widely regarded as one of the best Off-Road Vehicles money can buy, the only reason the Range Rover itself isn't on this list is because it starts at $85000, and the current one is kind of ugly. So the smart buyer will get an F-Pace not just for the price, but also for those gorgeous looks.
Jaguar F-Pace (front 3-4).JPG

Sticking with the SUV/ Crossover Theme, the SUV you want for off-roading is the Toyota 4Runner TRD. TRD is Toyota's answer to the F-150 Raptor which you'll see later. With the combination of Toyota reliability, 270hp, and some big off-road shocks you have an SUV that's perfect for storming through the desert, and at just over $40,000 a decent price too.

There's also the Tacoma TRD which is pretty similar in specs and price but a pick up.
Nissan also makes an off-road pick up namely the Frontier Pro-4x similarly priced and speced to the Tacoma 

Now the daddy of off-road trucks the Ford F-150 Raptor, if i'm honest I preferred the old Raptor (pictured) but the new one still has the pedigree. The new raptor comes just at the right time since the old raptor can be out accelerated by the ecoboost F-150 which is designed to be economical. Since the new raptor uses an ecoboost V6 instead of a V8 it has a massive amount of power at 450 but without the massive weight of a V8. The Raptor also has the closest thing to Baja 1000 ready off-road shocks on a production car.

Now the best car under $20,000 and the car I drive the Hyundai Veloster, its got barely any power at 130hp, but it has a DCT like the Golf and very unique styling. 
2012 Hyundai Veloster -- 01-20-2012 2.jpg

If you've got a little more money the Turbo version of the Veloster produces 201hp and has a distinguishing front bumper.

Now for those who think american muscle cars are cool I say the Challenger, Mustang, Camaro, and Charger are way to common to be cool, so what you want is the Chevrolet SS which is a rebadged Holden Commodore SS from Australia with 450hp.

Another beautiful cheap car is the Fiat 124 Spider, it's basically a Miata with a Fiat body, it only has a 160hp but it has a body which looks like a baby Mustang. 
Fiat 124 Spider - LA Auto Show 2015 (23121899872) (cropped).jpg

Next on the Hierarchy of Fiat sport cars is the Alfa Romeo 4C, basically a baby Ferrari. Starting at $55,000 it's much cheaper than a Ferrari but still has the looks, 240hp, and Italian heritage.
File:Festival automobile international 2014 - Alfa Romeo 4C - 009.jpg

And now a BMW, generally BMW's, Audi's and Mercedes' are uncool because their mostly bought by people who want to show off how much money they have. However in the M2's case the price is actually fairly reasonable considering you get 365hp for just over $50,000 and the fact that it's the baby M car makes it fairly interesting.

The Nissan's 370Z makes the list for it's great body and the fact that you can have 330hp for $30000 and high quality handling.

Those are the cars we can buy here in the USA, here's what we miss out on.

The most iritating car not sold here is the Polo GTi since it's sold just over the border in Mexico, The Polo GTi is essentially the VW version of the Fiesta ST, a baby Golf GTi, but the cool thing is it has the same weight and power of the original 1970s Golf GTi.

Also from VW the car I want the VW Golf R Wagon, same power and 4WD as the hatchback but with a bit more space. The fun thing about the Golf R Wagon is it shares the same weight and power as my all time favorite car the Audi RS2 from the mid 90s. It's basically a baby Audi. 

VW also makes the Skoda Octavia vRS (left) and Seat Leon Cupra (right) and the kings of sport wagons the Audi S4 & S6

American company's are also guilty of holding out on the american market.

Such as Ford's Focus ST Wagon that we're we can't have.

GM makes a lot of dope stuff that they don't sell here as well. The Vauxhall VXR range for example.
Image result for gtc VXRImage result for corsa VXR

And of course the other body styles of the Holden Comodore. New El Camino please GM.
Image result for holden commodore HSV wagon

You may notice an obsession with wagons on this list I mainly do that because the wagon is the perfect vehicle for the road, you get car handling and weight with the space of an SUV. The virtues of the station wagon are clear, which is why I don't understand why there are so few on sale here, Volvo is the only company still selling a sport wagon. While america is full of crossovers and SUVs that have never left a paved a road and never will. You know what to buy. 

Hello readers, this is Jack Bates the new programming director here at Rowdy Radio. Just thought i'd start a blog version of my show Ripper's List, for those who haven't seen it, it's basically a series of top 5 lists from me and various guests. In blog format I thought i'd expand to 10 and flesh out each pick. So to kick off i'm doing top 10 countries by music. First I've got a few classification rules, a "band" that has the same name as a band member such as Ozzy Osbourne is classified as a solo act and therefore comes from the nation of said members birth, but if the name has more or less than the member's name (The Jimi Hendrix Experience, or Van Halen) then the band from the nation they were formed in.

Playlist: Flag of Finland

Working from the bottom the 10th best music country, Suomen tasavlata or the Republic of Finland fields

Children of Bodom-Melodic Thrash Metal, best song: Are You Dead Yet?
Nightwish-Symphonic Metal, best song: Dark Chest of Wonders

Big fan of these two, Bodom's unique style of Thrash with keyboards mixes the best of Swedish thrash and European Power Metal, and Nightwish are the definitive Symphonic Metal band.

Centered red circle on a white rectangle
In 9th Place is 日本国 or Japan with the bands

Crossfaith-Synthcore : listen to Jägerbomb
Sigh-Avant-Garde Black Metal, Best Song: Me-Devil
X Japan-Visual Kei Metal, best song: Blue Blood

Japan makes the list for their acceptance of crazy ideas like Synthcore (which mixes Metalcore with Synthesizers) and somehow works, but also stuff  like Baby Metal (which is completely ridiculous). Sometimes Japanese music works sometimes it doesn't, but always an A for effort.

Flag of Ireland

In 8th place is Poblacht na hÉireann or the Republic of Ireland with

The Dubliners-Irish Folk, best song: Whiskey in the Jar
Thin Lizzy-Classic Hard Rock, best song: Jailbreak
U2-Post-Punk/ Alternative, best song: The Fly

Ireland make the list mainly because of their folk music which I consider the best in the world. I enjoy Irish Folk music because it's based on the idea of going down the pub and having a sing song, like the Hobbit's in Lord of the Rings. It's also the reason I like Power Metal. Ireland also gave us U2 and Thin Lizzy who are both integral to the development of Alternative and Metal respectively.

Flag of France

République française or French Republic, kings of EDM with the artist

Daft Punk-House, best song: Robot Rock
Jean-Michael Jarre-Ambient, best song: Oxygene Pt. IV
Kavinsky-Synthpop, listen to: Testarossa Autodrive
La Caution-Hip House, best song: Thé à la Menthe (used in Ocean's 12)
Obszön Geschöpf-Industrial Metal, listen to: Human Beast 

France are here mainly because their of Daft Punk, the French band that popularized the american art form of House music in america, but also because of the other bands on this list who are quite unique. 

Flag of Canada

Ah the great white north (Canada) fielding 

Bryan Adams-Pop Rock, listen to: Heat of the Night
Death from Above 1979-Dance Punk, listen to: Black History Month
Loverboy-Pop Rock, best song: Working for the Weekend 
Men Without Hats-New Wave, best song: The Safety Dance 
Nickleback (yes I know, but I still like them)-Post-Grunge, best song: Burn it to the Ground 
Rush-Progressive Metal, listen to: Far Cry 
Snow-Reggae Fusion, best song: Informer
Sum 41-Pop Punk, best song: In Too Deep

The nation that gave us Rush should not have to fight for respect but unfortunately they also gave us the two worst artist of all time (Justin Bieber and Drake), so that knocks them down a few pegs. As you can see they did give us a few decent bands of varying genres.

Flag of Sweden

Konungariket Sverige or Kingdom of Sweden, inventors of Melodic Thrash Metal fielding

Arch Enemy-Melodic Thrash Metal, best song: Silent Wars  
Europe-Pop Metal, best song: The Final Countdown
Hammerfall-Power Metal, best song: Hearts on Fire
Raubiter-Industrial Metal, best song: Panzarmarsch
Sabaton-Power Metal, best song: Back in Control 
Yngwie Malmsteen-Power Metal, best song: I'll See the Light Tonight

The Gothenberg Thrash Metal scene, some of the best Power Metal bands like Hammerfall and my personal favorite Sabaton not to mention crazy bands like Raubiter (basically sound like a battalion of Tanks rolling through everything) make Sweden an important part of Metal.

A blue field with the Union Flag in the upper hoist quarter, a large white seven-pointed star in the lower hoist quarter, and constellation of five white stars in the fly – one small five-pointed star and four, larger, seven-pointed stars.

The Commonwealth of Australia, the land down under fielding

AC/DC-Traditional Metal, listen to: Black Ice 
Airbourne-Traditional Metal, listen to: Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast (used in Burnout Paradise)
INXS-New Wave, best song Suicide Blonde 
Knife Party-Drumstep, best song: Centipede  
Men at Work-New Wave, best song: Down Under
Pendulum-Drumstep, listen to Propane Nightmares: 
The Vines-Garage Rock, best song: Get Free (used in Top Gear)
Wolfmother-Stoner Rock, best song: Dimension (used in Flatout 2)

I have a soft spot for Australia musically, mainly because all of the above bands fit Australia and somehow feel Australian, play Mad Max listening to any of them and you'll see what I mean. They also gave us the most successful Hard Rock/Metal band ever.  

Flag of Germany

Bundesrepublik Deutschland or Federal Republic of Germany, excellent at engineering and music

Accept-Traditional Metal, best song: Balls to the Wall
Atari Teenage Riot-Digital Hardcore, best song: No Remorse (I Wanna Die)
Can-Krautrock, best song: Vitamin C
Helloween-Power Metal, best song: I Want Out
Johan Sebastian Bach-Classical, listen to: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
Kraftwerk-Krautrock/ Synthpop, best song: The Model 
Rammstein-Industrial Metal, best song: Du Riechst So Gut 
Richard Wagner-Classical, listen to: Ride of the Valkyries 
Scorpions-Traditional Metal, best song: Hour 1
UDO-Traditional Metal, listen to: Devil's Bite 

Germany's excellence at music is mostly due to influential and important bands coming along regularly such as Hammerfall inventing Power Metal and Kraftwerk kicking off synthpop. But the cultural pre-deposition towards english language music pushes other language nations like Germany into a corner. 

Flag of the United States

Ok here we go, the big one, the United States of America fields 

  1. 2wo-Industrial Metal, best song: Deep in the Ground
  2. Aerosmith-Classic Hard Rock, listen to: Shut Up and Dance 
  3. Afrika Bambatta & The Soulsonic Force-Early Hip-Hop, best song: Looking for the Perfect Beat
  4. Alice Cooper-Classic Metal, best song: Feed My Frankenstein (used in Wayne's World)
  5. Alice Cooper (Band, yes there's a difference)-Classic Metal, best song: I'm Eighteen
  6. Alice in Chains-Grunge, best song: Man in a Box
  7. Alien Ant Farm-Nu Metal, best song: Smooth Criminal 
  8. Alter Bridge-Traditional Metal, best song: Addicted to Pain 
  9. Andrew WK-Party Metal (indescribable), best song: Party Hard 
  10. Anthrax-Thrash Metal, best song: Got the Time 
  11. Bad Brains-Hardcore/ Raggae, best song: Banned in DC 
  12. Barry McGuire-Folk, best song: Eve of Destruction 
  13. The Beach Boys-Surf Rock, listen to: Surfin USA
  14. Beastie Boys-Rap-Rock, best song: Fight for Your Right
  15. Black Flag-Hardcore, best song: Nervous Breakdown
  16. Black Stone Cherry-Southern Metal, best song: Lonely Train 
  17. Blondie-New Wave, best song: Heart of Glass
  18. Blue Cheer-Psychedelic Rock, best song: Summertime Blues 
  19. Blue Oyster Cult-Classic Hard Rock, best song: Godzilla (should have been used in Godzilla)
  20. Bob Dylan-Folk Rock, best song: All Along the Watchtower
  21. Body Count-Hardcore, best song: Cop Killer
  22. Bon Jovi-AOR (Album Oriented Rock), best song: Living on a Prayer
  23. Booker T. and the MG’s-R&B, best song: Green Onions
  24. Boston-Arena Rock, best song: Cool the Engines 
  25. Breaking Wheel-Sludge Metal, best song: Shoulder to the Plow
  26. Bruce Springsteen-Heartland Rock, best song: Empty Sky
  27. Buddy Rich-Jazz, listen to: The Monster (feat. Gene Krupa)
  28. Busta Rhymes-Rap, best song: This Means War!
  29. Cannibal Corpse-Death Metal, listen to: Hammer Smashed Face
  30. Chic-Disco, listen to: Good Times
  31. Chuck Berry-Rock n' Roll, best song: Johnny B. Goode 
  32. Cinderella-Traditional Metal, best song: Shake Me
  33. Coal Chamber-Nu Metal, best song: Fiend
  34. Coheed and Cambria-Progressive Metal, best song: Welcome Home
  35. The Cramps-Psycobilly, best song: Human Fly 
  36. Creed (yes I like them too)-Post-Grunge, best song: Higher  
  37. Creedence Clearwater Revival-Southern Rock, best song: Up Around the Bend
  38. The Crickets (Texas band)-Rock 'n Roll, best song: That'll be the Day
  39. The Crystals-Doo-Wop, best song: Da Doo Ron Ron 
  40. Dead Kennedy’s-Hardcore, best song: California Uber Alles
  41. Descendants-Hardcore, best song Pervert
  42. Device (Austin band!)-Industrial Metal, best song: Vilify 
  43. Dick Dale-Surf Rock, best song: Misrlou 
  44. Dio-Melodic Metal, best song: Holy Diver 
  45. Disturbed-Nu Metal, listen to: Land of Confusion  
  46. Donna Summer-Disco, best song: I Feel Love
  47. The Doors-Psychedelic Rock, best song: Break On Through (To the Other Side)
  48. Dope-Nu Metal, best song: Debonaire (used in The Fast and the Furious)
  49. Dream Theater-Progressive Metal, best song: Panic Attack
  50. Drowning Pool (Another Texas band)-Nu Metal, best song: Bodies
  51. Eddie Cochran-Rock 'n Roll, best song: C'mon Everbody
  52. Elvis-Rock 'n Roll, listen to: Hound Dog 
  53. Faith No More-Funk Metal, best song: Epic
  54. Fats Domino-R&B, best song: Blueberry Hill
  55. Fear Factory-Industrial Metal, best song: Cars (Remix)
  56. Fight-Groove Metal, best song: Into the Pit 
  57. Five Finger Death Punch-Groove Metal, best song: Lift Me Up
  58. Foreigner-Pop Rock, listen to: Hot Blooded
  59. Frank Sinatra-Jazz , listen to: New York, New York
  60. Garbage-Alternative Rock, listen to: I Think I'm Paranoid 
  61. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five-Early Hip-Hop, best song: The Message 
  62. Green Day-Pop Punk, best song: American Idiot
  63. Guns N Roses-Traditional Metal, best song: Sweet Child O' Mine 
  64. Halford-Traditional Metal, best song: The One You Love to Hate
  65. The HeadCat-Rockabilly, listen to: Peggy Sue Got Married
  66. Heart-Classic Hard Rock, best song: Crazy On You  
  67. Howlin Wolf-Blues, best song: Evil
  68. Husker Du-Melodic Hardcore, best song: Don't Want to Know If You Are Lonely
  69. Ice T-Gangster Rap, best song: 6 in the Morning 
  70. Iggy Pop-Pop Rock, best song: Lust for Life
  71. Iron Buttefly-Psychedelic Rock, best song: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
  72. Jerry Lee Lewis-Rock 'n Roll, best song: Great Balls of Fire
  73. Joan Jett-Classic Punk, best song: Bad Reputation 
  74. John Lee Hooker-Blues, best song: Boom, Boom
  75. Johnny Cash-Country, best song: God's Gonna Cut You Down
  76. Journey-AOR, best song: Wheel in the Sky 
  77. Kanye West-Rap, best song: POWER
  78. Kiss-Traditional Metal, best song: I Was Made for Loving You 
  79. L7-Alternative Rock, best song: Pretend We're Dead 
  80. Lady Gaga-Pop, best song: Poker Face 
  81. Lamb of God-Thrash Metal, best song: Laid to Rest
  82. Libyans-Punk, best song: Welcome to the Neighborhood 
  83. Limp Bizkit-Nu Metal: best song: Break Stuff
  84. Linkin Park-Nu Metal: listen to: Papercut
  85. Lit-Alternative Rock, best song: My Own Worst Enemy
  86. Living Colour-Funk Metal, best song: Cult of Personality 
  87. Lou Reed-Art Rock, best song: Perfect Day 
  88. Louis Armstrong-Jazz, listen to: What a Wonderful World  
  89. Lynyrd Skynyrd-Southern Rock, listen to: Sweet Home Alabama
  90. Madonna-Pop, listen to: Like a Virgin
  91. Marilyn Manson-Industrial, listen to: Tainted Love 
  92. MC5-Proto Punk-best song: Kick out the Jams 
  93. Meat Loaf-Rock Opera, best song: Bat Out of Hell
  94. Meat Puppets-Melodic Hardcore, best song: Plateau 
  95. Megadeth-Thrash Metal, best song: Holy Wars...The Punishment Due 
  96. Metallica-Thrash Meta;, best song: Creeping Death
  97. Michael Jackson-Pop, listen to: Beat It
  98. Millions of Dead Cops (Austin Band!)-Hardcore, best song: John Wayne Was a Nazi 
  99. Ministry-Industrial Metal/Synthpop, listen to: Stigmata
  100. Moby-Electronica/ Alternative Rock: best song: Strange Ways (use in every Bourne Film)
  101. Motley Crue-Glam Metal: best song: Dr. Feelgood
  102. Muddy Waters-Blues, best song: Mannish Boy
  103. Mudhoney-Grunge: best song: Touch Me I'm SIck
  104. The Muffs-Punk, best song: Kids in America 
  105. Nirvana-Grunge, listen to: Heart-Shaped Box
  106. NWA-Ganster Rap, best song: Straight Outta Compton
  107. Ok Go-Pop Rock, watch music video: This Too Shall Pass 
  108. Orgy-Indutrial, best song: Blue Monday
  109. Outlaws-Southern Rock, best song: Green Grass & High Tides
  110. Overkill-Thrash Metal, best song: Wrecking Crew  
  111. Pantera-Groove Metal, best song: Cowboys from Hell 
  112. Papa Roach-Nu Metal, best song: Last Resort
  113. Pixie-Early Alterative, best song: Monkey Gone to Heaven 
  114. Prong-Groove Metal, best song: Beg to Differ
  115. Public Enemy-Gangster Rap, listen to: Fight the Power
  116. Publix Image Ltd.-Post-Punk
  117. Queensryche-Progressive Metal, listen to: Queen of the Reich 
  118. Rage Against the Machine-Rap Metal, listen to: Bulls on Parade 
  119. Ramones-Classic Punk, listen to: Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
  120. Ratt-Glam Metal, best song: Round and Round
  121. Red Hot Chili Peppers-Funk Rock, best song: Give It Away
  122. REM-Early Alternative, best song: Losing My Religion
  123. REO Speedwagon-Pop Rock, listen to: Take it on the Run 
  124. Rihanna-Pop, best song: Only Girl (In the World)
  125. Rise Against-Pop Punk, best song: Give It All 
  126. Rob Zombie-Industrial Metal, best song: Dragula
  127. Robert Johnson-Blues, listen to: Cross Road Blues 
  128. The Ronettes-Doo-Wop, best song: Be My Baby 
  129. Run DMC-Early Hip-Hop, listen to: It's Like That 
  130. Saliva-Nu Metal, listen to: Click Click Boom 
  131. Savatage-Progressive Metal, best song: Hall of the Mountain King
  132. Scars on Broadway-Nu Metal, best song: They Say 
  133. Scissor Sisters-Electroclash (no idea), best song: Laura
  134. Semisonic-Pop Rock, best song: Closing Time
  135. Skrillex-Dupstep, listen to: Syndicate (from Syndicate soundtrack)
  136. Slash feat. Miles Kennedy and the Conspirators-Traditional Metal, listen to: Anastasia 
  137. Slayer-Thrash Metal, best song: Raining Blood 
  138. Slipknot-Groove Metal, best song Psychosocial 
  139. The Smashing Pumpkins-Alternative Rock, listen to: Bullet With Butterfly Wings
  140. Smash Mouth-Pop Punk, listen to: Can't Get Enough of you Baby 
  141. Soundgarden-Grunge, best song: Spoonman
  142. Sparks-Glam Rock, best song: This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us
  143. Stone Temple Pilots-Grunge, best song: 
  144. The Stooges-Proto Punk, best song: I Wanna Be Your Dog
  145. The Strokes-Garage Rock, best song: Reptilia 
  146. Stryper-Glam Metal, best song: To Hell With the Devil
  147. System of a Down-Nu Metal, best song: Chop Suey!
  148. Ted Nugent-Traditional Meta, listen to: Free-For-All 
  149. Trans Siberian Orchestra-Symphonic Metal, best song: The Mountain  
  150. Van Halen-Pop Metal, best song: Atomic Punk
  151. WASP-Glam Metal, best song: Fuck Like a Beast
  152. The White Stripes-Garage Rock, best song: Seven Nation Army 
  153. White Zombie-Industrial Metal, best song: More Human, Than Human
  154. Woody Guthrie-Folk, best song: This Land is Your Land
  155. ZZ Top (Best Texas Band!)-Southern Pop Rock, best song: Gimme All Your Loving 
America easily wins the quantity war with 149 artists, and will i'm sure be in anyone's top 2 music nations. The US has also pushed the music industry into Jazz, Folk, R&B, Rock 'n Roll, Hip-Hop, EDM and Extreme Metal. America only contributed one band to my Top 10 bands (The Ramones). 

A flag featuring both cross and saltire in red, white and blue

And now in first place, my homeland the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland fielding

  1. Adele-Pop, best song: Skyfall
  2. Alestorm-Pirate Metal, best song: Back Through Time
  3. The Animals-Blues Rock, best song: We Gotta Get Outta This Place 
  4. Arctic Monkeys-Indie Rock, best song: I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor
  5. Arthur Brown-Psychedlic Rock, best song: Fire
  6. The Automatic-Pop Punk, best song: Monster
  7. Bad Company-Classic Rock, best song: Feel Like Makin Love
  8. The Beatles-Blues Rock/ Psychedlic Rock, best song: Hard Day and Night
  9. Black Sabbath-Classic Metal, best song: Electric Funeral
  10. Blur-Britpop, best song: There's No Other Way
  11. Bruce Dickinson-Melodic Metal
  12. Budgie-Traditional Metal, best song: Breadfan
  13. The Buzzcocks-Classic Punk, best song: Orgasm Addict
  14. Chumbawamba -Anarcho Pop, best song: Tubthumping
  15. The Clash-Classic Punk, best song: London Calling 
  16. Cock Sparrer -Oi! (Punk), listen to: Watch Your Back 
  17. Cradle of Filth-Symphonic Black Metal, listen to: Temptation 
  18. Cream-Psychedelic Rock, best song: Sunshine of Your Love
  19. The Cult-Alternative Rock, best song: She Sells Sanctuary 
  20. The Damned-Classic Punk, best song: New Rose 
  21. David Bowie-Glam Rock, listen to: Space Oddity 
  22. Deep Purple-Classic Metal, listen to: Speed King
  23. Depeche Mode-Synthpop, listen to: New Life
  24. Dexy's Midnight Runners-Folk Pop, best song: Come On Eileen
  25. Dire Straits-Blues Rock, best song: Money for Nothing
  26. Dizzee Rascal-Grime (Hip-Hop), best song: Bonkers
  27. Dragonforce -Power Metal, best song: Through the Fire and the Flames
  28. Dr. Feelgood-Garage Rock, best song: Milk and Alcohol 
  29. Duran Duran -Synthpop, best song: Hungry Like the Wolf
  30. Electric Light Orchestra-Progressive Pop, best song: Mr. Blue Sky 
  31. Elton John-Soft Pop, best song: Rocket Man (I Think It's Gonna Be a Long Long Time) 
  32. Eric Clapton-Blues Rock, best song: Layla 
  33. Fleetwood Mac-Blues Rock, best song: The Chain
  34. Franz Ferdinand-Indie Rock, best song: Take Me Out 
  35. Gary Numan-Synthpop, best song: Cars
  36. Genesis-Progressive Rock, best song, Land of Confuision
  37. Girlschool-Traditional Metal, best song: C'mon Let's Go
  38. Gustav Holst-Classical, best song: Mars
  39. Hawkwind-Space Rock, best song: Silver Machine 
  40. The Human League, best song: Being Boiled 
  41. Iron Maiden-Melodic Metal, listen to: Running Free
  42. he Jam-Classic Punk, best song: Going Underground
  43. James Blunt-Pop Rock, best song: You're Beautiful
  44. The Jimi Hendrix Experience, best song: Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
  45. John Foxx-Synthpop, best song: Underpass
  46. Joy Division-Post-Punk, best song: Transmission 
  47. Judas Priest-Traditional Metal, listen to: Hell Bent for Leather
  48. Kaiser Chiefs-Indie Rock, best song: The Angry Mob 
  49. The Kinks, best song: All Day and All of the Night
  50. Kirsty MacCall-Folk Pop, best song: Days
  51. Led Zeppelin-Classic Metal, listen to: When the Levee Breaks
  52. Lethal Bizzle-Grime, best song: Babylon's Burning the Ghetto 
  53. Magazine-Post-Punk, best song: Shot By Both Sides
  54. Matt Munro-Traditional Pop, best song: On Days Like These (used in The Italian Job (1969))
  55. McAuley Schenker Group-Traditional Metal/ Glam Metal, listen to: Eve 
  56. Michael Schenker Group-Traditional Metal, listen to: Attack of the Mad Axeman 
  57. Motorhead-Speed Metal, listen to: Love Me Like a Reptile 
  58. Muse-New Prog, best song: Uprising
  59. Napalm Death-Grindcore, listen to: Scum
  60. New Order-Synthpop/ Techno, best song: Bizarre Love Traingle 
  61. Oasis-Britpop, best song: Supersonic 
  62. Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark-Synthpop, best song: Talking Loud and Clear
  63. The One Hundred-Synth-rap-break-core, best song: Breed 
  64. Ozzy Osbourne-Traditional Metal, best song: Mr. Crowley 
  65. Pet Shop Boys-Synthpop, best song: West End Girls
  66. Phil Collins-Pop, best song: In the Air Tonight
  67. Pink Floyd-Progressive Rock, best song: See Emily Play
  68. The Police-Raggae Rock, best song: Every Breath You Take 
  69. The Proclaimers-Folk Rock, listen to: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
  70. The Prodigy-Breakbeat, listen to: Smack My Bitch Up
  71. Propellorheads-Breakbeat, best song: Spybreak
  72. Pulp-Britpop, best song: Common People
  73. Public Image Ltd., listen to: Rise
  74. Queen-Classic Hard Rock, best song: 39
  75. Radiohead-Indie Rock, best song: Creep
  76. Rainbow-Classic Metal, best song: Stargazer 
  77. The Rolling Stones-Blues Rock, best song: Sympathy for the Devil
  78. Roxy Music-Glam Rock, best song: Virginia Plain 
  79. Saxon-Traditional Metal, best song: Wheels of Steel
  80. The Sex Pistols-Classic Punk, best song: Holidays in the Sun
  81. Shirley Bassey-Traditional Pop, best song: Goldfinger
  82. Sisters of Mercy-Post-Punk, listen to: Temple of Love 
  83. The Smiths-Early Alternative, listen to: Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
  84. The Specials-Two-Tone, best song: Gangsters 
  85. Soft Cell-Synthpop, best song: Tainted Love 
  86. Status Quo-Classic Hard Rock, best song: Rockin All Over the World 
  87. The Stones Roses-Britpop, best song: Fool’s Gold
  88. The Stranglers-Classic Punk, best song: No More Heroes
  89. Suede-Britpop, best song: Animal Nitrate
  90. Sweet-Glam Rock, best song: Blockbuster
  91. T. Rex-Glam Rock, best song: 20th Century Boy 
  92. Them-Garage Rock, best song: Baby Please Don’t Go
  93. Throbbing Gristle-Industrial/ Ambient, best song: Something Came Over Me
  94. Tom Jones-Traditional Pop, listen to: Thunderball
  95. Tubeway Army-Post-Punk, best song: Are Friends Electric 
  96. UFO-Classic Metal, listen to: Natural Thing
  97. The Undertones-Post-Punk, best song: Teenage Kicks
  98. Uriah Heep-Progressive Rock, listen to: Easy Living
  99. Van Morrison- R&B, listen to: Brown Eyed Girl   
  100. Venom-Black Metal, listen to: Buried Alive
  101. The Verve-Britpop, best song: Bittersweet Symphony
  102. The Who-Classic Rock, best song: Baba O’Riley (CSI: New York Theme)
  103. Witchfinder General-Doom Metal, listen to: Witchfinder General 
  104. The Yardbirds-Blues Rock, listen to: Train Kept a Rolling

Putting the UK at #1 is not just me being biased, viewed from a population UK produces 2/3 the bands of the US, but with only a 1/3 the population, all from a nation a 1/5 the size of Texas. The UK has also contributed major advancements in music such as Heavy Metal, Synthpop and the expansion of Rock music. They also produced 6 of my Top 10 bands (Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, The Sex Pistols, and Joy Division 

I hope you've enjoyed my selections, please remember these are just the bands I like, other bands are not forgotten or necessarily bad, I'm just not a fan. Any suggestions for another list would be welcome.

If you are reading this, the unthinkable has happened: Tim Duncan has elected to ride into the sunset. He has hung up his sneakers. Tim Duncan has retired from his position as a professional Sean Elliot Troll, and will no longer dress for Spurs games (an unfortunate side effect). The child in me who first watched Duncan dominate the league and lead the city of San Antonio to its first national title, who first celebrated at the Alamodome with the rest of the city thanks to the efforts of Tim, David, and the rest of the '99 Spurs, who has never owned a basketball jersey that didn't have the number 21 on it, and who lamented because he couldn't get into D&D the way Duncan has has just died inside.

The city of San Antonio is in mourning. Through all of the tragedies and turmoil, there's always sports to rely on. All cities have had their share of superstars over the years, but few have had the impact Tim Duncan has had to a city. If Lucas Oil Stadium is "The House that Manning Built", the the AT&T Center is "The House that Tim Duncan Carved Out of Stone".

It's the apocalypse in San Antonio. Aside from Coach Popovich, the only consistent piece of our five championships is Tim Duncan. Before Tim, neither the Admiral nor the Iceman could seal the deal. Tim Duncan was the greatest player in the post-Jordan era until Lebron James hit his prime. His stats might not be as profound as Garnett's or as efficient as Dirk's, and it took him longer to get to five rings than Kobe, but the proof is in the pudding. Tim Duncan has played in more playoff games, won more playoff games, and holds records over all of them. With Tim gone, a very large and defining piece of Spurs history goes with him.

On this day, Day 1, the sky has not fallen and we're all still alive. Although it stings, the reason it hurts so much is because he brought us so much joy. With all of the ups and downs associated with sports, the drama of free agency, lockout seasons, devastating upsets, miraculous comebacks, daggers, downpours, dunks and that ball-hugging thing Tim does, we as the city of San Antonio extend a fullhearted thank you to Timothy Theodore Duncan.

And on a more personal note: Thank you Tim, for not only entertaining us and lifting us into the hearts of the nation, but thank you for being the kind of person we should all be on and off the court. Thank you for being someone I can look up to as a person first. Thank you for having the character to teach your opponents rather than taunt them. And thank you for your selflessness. Although it might seem second nature to you, you've changed the league and us, the fans, through your actions.

The Color Splash Tour is back. Featuring BIGG$, the Premiere UV Paint Rave passes through South Texas on June 25th at the Alamo City Music Hall. BIGG$ will share the stage with Northern Lights, Rage Freaks, Wynterkill, and local talent such as Automatic and Harwell & Mars. This 16 and over show will be the hottest summer event to come to town, and you can win your tickets from Rowdy Radio by retweeting until June 10th. Time is in short supply, and so are these tickets. Visit the Color Splash Tour website for the latest videos and updates, and check out their Facebook page for real-time news. Tickets are now available in General Admission and VIP General admission packages.

SGA ON AIR interviews Andrew Hubbard, current Student Body President.
From left to right: Mariela Perez, SGA President Andrew Hubbard, Rowdy Radio Programming Director Samantha Vazquez, Remy Abraham and Host Andrew Casares

On the first edition of SGA On Air, Rowdy Radio host Andrew Casares interviews Andrew Hubbard, president of UTSA Student Government Association.

Through this interview, we get to introduce Andrew Hubbard to UTSA students and find out among other things, what his favorite music genres are and what shows he likes to binge watch on Netflix. Also, he discusses his goals to accomplish during his term and what his plans are to improve students' experience in UTSA.

"We want to make sure all students know that Student Government is here to help, to be a resource and to be a voice for them so they can have the best experience for the years they spend here at UTSA". - Andrew Hubbard

Do not miss this rowdy interview with our President, Andrew Hubbard, Thursday April 21st at 7PM only on ROWDY RADIO.

To listen go to or download the free App Rowdy Radio.

   I wasn’t ready for this. No one told me it would be so short. I didn’t get to sleep-in enough! And what professor in their right mind would assign two papers and two exams for the first week back from Spring Break? Oh, your professor did too?! I don’t know about you, but I would rather spend a few days recovering while watching Netflix! Sounds like a good plan, right? Unfortunately, we need to jump right back into the race towards finals! Don’t worry! We are doing this together.
Courtesy of US City Traveler

    During Spring Break, many students traveled with friends and family! Now working on that summer tan must have been fun! Right? But you probably didn’t open a single textbook? Honestly, I didn’t do any of the assigned readings either! Whenever I realize that I might be a little behind in my classes, I text my study-buddy for that class and beg (yes, I pretty much beg) them to help me. I either ask for notes from the reading or a “catch-me-up” study session. I always suggest helping others out throughout the semester because they will feel more inclined to help you out later (let’s face it, it’s true).  Now a daring suggestion is to talk to your professors during their office hours this week! You might be thinking that this is insane, but do realize that professors have been on Spring Break too. With that History professor dreading the same lecture he gives every semester, a student going to them directly for a review is usually welcomed.
Courtesy of Bobcat Blog
   During Spring Break, many students gained a few extra hours at work and a few extra zeros in the bank! Now dealing with radical customers or over-bearing bosses can be exhausting! Frankly, I spent my break at work over the course of the week watching Snapchat stories of my friends having fun…now that was not fun. Guess what we have that they don’t? Extra money! Hopefully, you weren’t like me going on late-night milkshake sprees after work (I have a weakness for all sweets)! Considering that we spent so much time working throughout the break, you should take a day off or switch shifts with a co-worker and take a “mini-Spring Break”. You might be thinking that one day won’t do anything, but picture it! A day to sleep in late, to watch Netflix, to go out to lunch, to meet up with friends, and to take an extra-long shower. See?! Doesn’t that seem nice? (Yes! We can meet up and do lunch).

     During Spring Break, many students actually used the free time to study! Obviously, we both know that I didn’t (and probably should have). Seeing as you were proactive and used the time wisely, you too should reward yourself! Go out and do something fun! Or stay in and relax! But I do urge you to have your phone charged (I just told some of your classmates that they should text you about assignments)!

Courtesy of TImes Hight Education
     Whether you actually went on a vacation, worked, or studied during Spring Break, remember that we all wish the break wasn’t over yet! Yet, we all have to get ready for finals in a few weeks. Sometimes the best way to just jump right back into the swing of things is to do it with two feet! Get some rest to recuperate from the break but be ready for the dash to the end! Let me know how your Spring Break went! Did you do something other than go on vacation, work, or study? If you did, I’d enjoy you telling about your adventure in the comments below!
   We both know that it is about that time. Mid-terms are plaguing us with last-minute all-nighters if you’re like me! And if you’re not, you might still have a little anxiety about an exam or two. Unfortunately, I can’t help you review for that chemistry or history course; however, I can guide you on what to drink to give you a boost. As a barista at a café, customers ask me for advice on what to get all the time. So here’s a little advice for the college student that needs a little push through exam week.

        For the students that are just trying to make it through a professors review, you should try a brewed coffee or hot tea. Although these are light on caffeine, both drinks offer enough to stimulate you throughout a monotone lecture.

Courtesy of Starbucks
      For the students that are extremely busy, I suggest something stronger. As a full-time student that also works, I’d say that I fall into this category. I don’t get much sleep, so class is perfect to catch up on that! No, it is not! I'm just kidding with you. Because I have nodded off during a lecture (once or twice), I usually get a tall cappuccino. Now you don’t have to get a cappuccino as well. You should get your favorite seasonal latte or café. But the key is to order a “tall” because these come with one shot of espresso. Please realize that espresso has more caffeine than regular coffee. If you are caffeine sensitive, a brewed coffee may be perfect for you. But a “tall” drink can give you an extra pep in your step!

Courtesy of Starbucks
     For the students that are already ahead of the game, you could already be caffeine-dependent. This means you could already be drinking so much caffeine that a shot of espresso will not affect you. The fix for this is simple. You can either add another shot to your normal order or go up another size. For example, I should order a “tall” cappuccino double shot or a “grande” cappuccino because both of these contain two shots of espresso.
Courtesy of Starbucks

     For the student that needs to pull all-nighters, I have a few suggestions that will keep you kicking all night. A drink that might spark your interest is called a “Red-eye”. This drink is a brewed coffee with a shot of espresso; thus, high on caffeine in-take. Another drink great for a night full of studying is called the “Starbucks Double-shot”. A “Starbucks Double-shot” is a shaken, iced drink with two shots of espresso on top of the regular amount of espresso shots. This drink in the “venti” size contains five shots and in the “grande” size contains four shots of espresso. I highly suggest if you are caffeine sensitive to not order this in “venti” but rather a “tall” which contains three shots of espresso. Given that many students are like me and pull all-nighters all the time, I would get the “Starbucks Double-shot” with a flavor, such as: vanilla, hazelnut, or mocha (just to add a little sweetness to the night).

     Whether you are a Starbucks regular or a newbie, ordering from them can be somewhat confusing. I hope that some of these suggestions will help you beat the stress and conquer mid-terms! Please visit the Starbucks Menu for more tasty drinks! Let me know how you enjoyed these tasty drinks in the comments below!
SEE YOU LATER 2015! These are our top 5 fashion highlights of the year.

We really hope all of you enjoyed the start of this holiday season and had a wonderful time alongside your family and friends. We are so thankful for having all of you sharing with us this wonderful experience that Rowdy Radio is. It has been incredible.

Before we say goodbye to 2015 (yes, this is the last post of the year), :( we would like to go over the Fashion Highlights that we had the chance to witness and follow throughout the year.

Let's start.

1. Groovy Vibes for Fall
In one of our first fashion posts we talked about the trends that were coming up for Fall. Now that it is almost gone but here in Texas chilly weather just started to be felt, we are allowed to wear many of these sweaters and fringed coats.
Nasty Gal

2. Comfy Shoes
Thank you fashion gods for letting sneakers, flats and slides to stay in our wardrobe and in style. Our feet have been really happy!
3.  Bomber Jackets
We loved the official comeback of bomber jackets. Many designers came up with different styles of bombers that reminded us how nice it is to wear something cool and warm that will make us girls look badass.
Nasty Gal

4. Sequins
If you didn't read last week's post, you really missed something. How fun sequins are! Really, who doesn't like to feel like a disco ball anywhere she goes.


5. San Antonio Fashion Week
Another blog post you shouldn't have missed. As my first experience at San Antonio's Fashion Week, I was left speechless in how beautiful all collections that were showcased were. All designers' work were flawless. Without a doubt, next year's Fashion Week will be a blast too!

Una foto publicada por @samvazcari el

Thank you so so so much for reading all of our posts. It really means a lot to everyone at Rowdy Radio. This has been such a good year for all of us and we are very thankful for that. We all hope that all these good things will keep coming and that next year will be even better.

We will come back next year with more fashion and style and more surprises that we are planning for you.

Be safe this winter break, get some good sleep, and be happy!

We love you.


Follow Sammy on Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat @samvazcari to keep in touch during this Holiday Season and don't forget to keep listening to Rowdy Radio and follow us on all our social media.