Cake Wars: Who Will Be Crowned Winner?

When push comes to shove, food is the best motivation.

Rowdy Radio is always busy, but behind the scenes there are many moments worth cherishing. In a sense, it can be considered that this idea born within the hearts of a few people has grown into an organization that continues to extend, accepting every new voice. It has also become a family, uniting each member thus creating strong bonds. Now what's a family without a little healthy competition?

About a month ago, I jokingly had said "I want cake." Needless to say that became a competition amongst the radio shows. As the clock winds down, everyone is waiting to hear the results.

You're probably wondering how the winner would be determined.

Well, the winner would be determined by these two rules:

1. The show's follower count on Twitter
2. The show's activity percentage rate on Twitter

It sounds simple, but there is a lot to consider (especially when in charge of the Twitter account). Get followers and have people actually retweet or favorite the content that is posted.

The prize would be a delicious cake HAND BAKED by the President. Tomorrow night at the end of the general meeting, the winner will be announced.

Who will wind up winner?

Will it be--

Maybe the winner will share the prize, maybe they won't. Find out next time.

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