Reckless Ambition

Words for our generation. We dream, we aspire, we fall, we get back up. 
See the world from our point of view.

My dearest generation of ambitious free spirits, I feel it necessary to commend you on your refusal to conform. You voice your opinion on important matters, and have adopted the realms of social media as your podium. Society needs you. We need the uncut, raw take on subjects that were meant to be difficult. Years from now, future generations will look to ours in distant admiration. We dared to question the non-existent barriers that held many before us to conformities that were unnecessary. We are a generation of trail blazers and innovators, seeing the paths carved out before us and choosing to embark upon unknown routes, simply because we can.

In the midst of our ambition, I feel, we at times reach a point of recklessness in our endeavors. We want to change the world in an instant. And as we gaze, ill prepared, upon Mount Everest with string and a toothpick in hand, we refuse to hear warnings of the trials ahead. Because of course we can, we can do what we set our minds to, we can be whatever we want to be when we grow up, this is what we have been taught for the past two decades of our lives. Parents, teachers, and mentors have fed into this enormous notion that we CAN do all that we aspire to. They didn’t tell us what the cost was. Some gladly pay it in full, some struggle beneath the weight of the hardships.

We are the recklessly ambitious. We are the 4am night owls or the 6am early birds, flying towards the light of success that is just beyond our reach. We see the world for what it is, and we are in endless search for ways to change it for the better. There is hope for the future, and it lies in our zealous minds.

I leave you with this quote. For the ambitious, the trailblazers, the innovators, the driven, the passionate, and the dreamers that will not rest until those grand aspirations have been met.

“Someone once told me not to bite off more than I can chew. I said I’d rather choke on GREATNESS than nibble on mediocrity.”

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