Rowdy Radio Presents the Key to Success Benefit Mixer [RECAP]

Rowdy Radio’s Keys to Success Benefit Mixer was held on February 21, 2015. The night was full of music, Chipotle, and some of the individuals that have truly been leaders in introducing a radio station to UTSA. It’s crazy to think that it all started with a small group of people with some big ideas. Now our organization has 56 members and continuously growing.

From left to right: Events Director Samantha Dyehouse, Director of Student Activities Barry McKinney, President Walter Moten II, Recruitment Director Elora Ballejos, Programming Director Alex Flores, Faculty Advisor and Complex Coordinator Derek Bell

It was the first time I had ever been inside the UC Denmon Ballroom, and as I walked in, I couldn't help but notice how elegant the room was: Vast and spacious with wooden floors, and dimmed lights with chandeliers hanging above the tables. The atmosphere completely changed once you walked through those doors. We held our "Key to Success Benefit Mixer" there in the Denmon Ballroom, and I think it was the perfect scene.

Director of Recruitment/Membership Elora Ballejos and Blog Author Jarren Murillo (in the background)

The purpose of the event was to explain to faculty/staff, organizations at UTSA, and potential donors what our goals are at Rowdy Radio. We want to build a legacy that will continue for years to come. Rowdy Radio is your station, your voice. To be the voice of everyone at UTSA, we need the community’s support. The mixer was a great way to kick off what will be an exciting year at Rowdy Radio. As we continue to expand and grow, we strive to keep improving. Our hard work and your contributions will be the keys to success.

From left to right: Marketing Director Erick Ruiz, Director of Career Services Audrey Magnuson, Career Counselor Stephanie Cisneros, and Assistant Director of Career Services Otis L Scott, Jr from the University Career Center, and Events Director Samantha Dyehouse

As the night went on all our members whom were present, from the Executive Board to the chair members like myself, mingled with our potential donors. The donors had a chance to hear from us students first hand about Rowdy Radio and what kind of culture our organization brings to the campus.

From left to right: Rowdy Radio members Finance Director Adrian Pulido, Aldo Garza, Jesse Cruz, Daisy Gonzalez, Casey Cannon, Atzimba Morales, Catherine Forsyth, and Trey Hubbard

After some time of meeting with donors, our illustrious Executive Board showcased Rowdy Radio through a special presentation they put together. To be in a room full of people who feel so passionately about the same thing you do is beyond words. We hosted this mixer to show people we are here to stay and we want to make history.

From left to right: Marketing Director Erick Ruiz, Programming Director Alex Flores, Communications Coordinator Business Auxiliary Services Burt Reynolds and wife Ana Reynolds.

No matter how big or little the steps we take, we're constantly moving forward. We reached out to our donors and they took us seriously. Rowdy Radio has come a long way from recording in the heat of our President Walter Moten’s garage. We now have an app where you can listen to us on both iPhone's and Android devices. The progress does not stop here. There are info sessions where students can learn more about how to get involved, new shows airing every week, and our very own music festival that will be held on April 11th where you can check out some local talent.

This article was written by:

Jarren Murillo
Catherine Forsyth