Rowdy Radio

(From left to right former Marketing Director Jyron Joseph, current President Walter Moten II, Events Director Samantha Dyehouse, Programming Director Alex Flores, Former Director of Finance and 2014 Mr.UTSA Carl Willis)

I started my education here at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) a couple years back, that year was the first year our football program took off and we begun our first season of Roadrunner football. My next semester I noticed that there were significantly more people at the school. That semester I remember looking for a place to sit down and eat. I ended up sitting down next to this guy at the UC Food court area. We talked for a bit, and he told me the school is a lot different now. He said the school wasn't always so crowded. Parking was bad before, but was worse now. He was telling me that UTSA is trying to become a Tier 1 school, that's why they're accepting and allowing more people to attend UTSA.

It takes a lot to become a Tier 1 school, and UTSA has been making an honest effort in making those strides for Tier 1 status. That's why starting up our football program was such a big deal for the city of San Antonio. It was one of many steps in gaining Tier 1 status. The school has done a lot of renovating and construction since my first year. As a school, they are doing their part to reach Tier 1 status, and as students we have to do our part. 

Rowdy Radio is a student organization at UTSA's main campus. I always wondered why we didn't have a radio station on campus, because that was something I would have been interested being apart of. I have never been one to join organizations, it just was not me, but joining a radio station, that was different for me. I love music, because it has had such an impact on my life, it was my first love (that and Kelly Kapowski, oh how lovely she was). 

Rowdy Radio is not just about the music though, it is about the culture here at UTSA. Not only will we stream music but we want to inform our listeners about what is going on in the world and around campus. From what is trending around the world to traffic on 1604 and alternate routes to campus, we want to make life easier and better for our listeners. 

We hope to keep this organization around for years to come. We started from inside a garage, and we hope to make it as far as the FM radio waves. We want to make an impact on peoples lives, and the best way we know how is through this radio station. We are your station, and your voice. 

To access our 24/7 stream be sure to download our free mobile apps by clicking the links below: