Cake Wars: And the Winner Is...

Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake!

Last time we left knowing who the competitors were. Now is the moment of truth, when all the hard effort they put in will determine who wins the delicious reward, HANDBAKED by the President.

With 5 minutes left before the general meeting concluded, everyone was on edge as Director of Marketing, Erick, pulled up the results.

The winner was...

*drum roll*

Rowdy Radio After Hours!

With a 7.1% activity rate and 66 followers.

Close behind was Rowdy Radio Sports with a 5.04% and 51 followers

The other shows are placed as followed--

RR Revolution - 4.5 % and 45 followers
RR Late Night - 2.84% and 53 followers
RR News - 5.1% and 29 followers
Rowdy Radio U - 2.9% and 15 followers

A round of applause to all the shows that participated. Everyone did a great job.

This is only a small milestone for what is to come. Keep listening and follow your favorite show on Twitter. Stay up to date on what they have to say. 

Remember #YourStationYourVoice.