Driving While Texting?...Officially Illegal

When the new year began, a new law passed in Texas making it illegal to use a hand held electronic device while driving. Although there isn't a statewide ban, two major cities in Texas do have this prohibition. San Antonio and Austin,

FURTHERMORE, it is illegal for people in Austin to operate a hand held electronic device while driving and.. riding their BICYCLES (abc). You know, the thing where you have to pedal to make it go. Personally I haven't seen many bikers using their phone or what not while riding their bikes, not to mention I haven't seen or heard about major accidents because of cyclist who were distracted by their phones. But hey, what do I know? Many people do ride their bikes in Austin.

Nonetheless, it is now illegal to have your phone out while driving. With information from The Paisano, it is okay to have your phone out and still use it, just as long as you don't have it in your hand. You can put your phone on speaker and have it in your lap or wherever it may be. With this in mind, I believe people might be too focused on trying to keep their phones balanced on their laps, that they may still cause an accident. According to UTSA adjunct professor Alan Ashworth our attention span is a "limited resource" sure we can multitask, but how well can we multitask given a certain context.