It's Rabbit Season

Elusive rabbits are one thing. Time to test a Roadrunner's skill and agility.

Solfest is right around the corner everybody. What better way to enjoy next weekend than by listening to plenty of music with your friends.

In honor of the occasion, today between 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM there will be 2 tickets given out...for FREE!

You're probably wondering what's the catch. The catch is you have to be first person to find the show host that is holding the tickets. 

The show host will be in different locations during this time. Stay updated with @UTSARowdyRadio and @RR_AfterHours as the hunt progresses during the day.

This is one rabbit worth hunting.

Even if you are not the lucky person to find the mysterious rabbit, you can always buy your tickets via SolFest

Remember prices are $5 right now and will remain that way until the day of the event. At the door the price will be $10.

Best of luck to the hunters. You're going to need it.