NBA Playoffs Finally Here!

2014 NBA Champs - San Antonio Spurs

Ahh yes, it's that time of the year. NBA Playoff basketball is what I'm talking about!

So last night, ended the regular season, and wow, what a finish. I can't remember the last time, the last game of the season meant so much to so many teams. The Spurs worked their way up to the 2nd seed in the Western Conference, but the Pelicans ended the Spurs 11 game win streak last night, dropping the Spurs back down to the 6th seed. With the win, the Pelicans locked up the 8th seed, finally giving Anthony Davis his playoff debut, as New Orleans faces Golden State in the playoffs.

Spurs face the Clippers in the first round, and I'm feeling a little uneasy about the match up. But hopefully the defending champs will prevail.

The Western Conference has always been the stronger conference, but that didn't mean teams in the east didn't have anything to fight for. The Celtics have been on fire since the All-Star break, working their way up the ladder, and with the win last night they clinched the 7th seed, where they meet the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the "evil King James." 

With the return of Paul George, the Pacers made a valiant effort in trying to make the playoffs, but they fell short with last nights loss, giving the Nets the 8th seed. Speaking of George, George left the game with a sore left calf, and did not return. Hope the dude recovers well, he's got oodles of potential. 

Lets cut to the chase, here are the playoff match-ups for the first round

(1)ATL-BKN(8) --- Sunday, 5:30 ET, TNT
(4)TOR-WAS(5) --- Saturday, 12:30 ET, ESPN
(3)CHI-MIL(6) --- Saturday, 7:00 ET, ESPN
(2)CLE-BOS(7) --- Sunday, 3:00 ET, ABC
(1)GSW-NOP(8) --- Saturday, 3:30 ET, ABC
(4)POR-MEM(5) --- Sunday, 8:00 ET, TNT
(3)LAC-SAS(6) --- Sunday, 10:30 ET, TNT
(2)HOU-DAL(7) --- Saturday, 9:30 ET, ESPN

ATL in 6
TOR in 5
CHI in 6
CLE in 6
GSW in 6
MEM in 5
SAS in 7
HOU in 7

Game 1: Sunday 04/19 @ Los Angeles 9:30 PM CST on TNT
Game 2: Wednesday 04/22 @ Los Angeles 9:30 PM CST on TNT
Game 3: Friday 04/24 in San Antonio 8:30 PM CST on ESPN
Game 4: Sunday 04/26 in San Antonio 2:30 PM CST ABC
Game 5: Tuesday 04/28 – If Needed
Game 6: Thursday 04/30 – If Needed
Game 7: Saturday 05/02 – If Needed 

Yeah, I don't forsee any sweeps, I think it'll be a tight first round, wonder if it'll be more exciting than last years first round, guess we'll have to see.

What do you guys think? (you should comment below)