Sol Fest First Look: The Hares

A first look at the artists performing at this weekend's biggest event.
A few more days till the big event that is Sol Fest. The spotlight shines on the San Antonio native band, The Hares, as we take a closer look at them.

Consisting of 7 members. This is possibly the biggest band, member wise, present at Sol Fest. 

They bring the roots of Rock & Roll to life with their music. Looking at the band, they do not carry the iconic rockabilly style that is associated with their music. To them it has always been about the music, nothing else.

Songwriters Harvey McLaughlin and Buddy Parland had spent many years with other bands prior to forming the group that is The Hares. Buddy has stated in an interview their music is, "not nostalgia for nostalgia's sake."

The music has an essence of Chuck Berry and the KONGOS. As soon as the band begins, there's no telling where the music will take you. It has hypnotic energy ready for the audience to be thrown back in admiration.

Take a trip to the past. Listen to The Hares live this Saturday, April 11, from 3 PM to 1 AM. 

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