Sol Fest First Look: King Gwap

King Gwap aka Salah bka Juice
Dedicated to the woman who brought Salah into this world, and his brothers Joe and Rell both of whom left this beautiful world too early. May they rest in peace.
"Everything I do is for them, they will live through me till I'm put to rest and we are once again reunited." - Salah

King Gwap, born Salah, but bka (better known as) Juice was born on the Southeast side of Washington D.C. (SE DC) in September of 1990, being 1 of 4 children. Juice had lived most of his life in Maryland, but he moved to San Antonio just 2 years ago.

As a hobby, Salah started making music in 2010 with some of his friends after high school, which was also a good way for them to stay out of trouble.

Salah is more than just a musician, he's a human being, just like all of us, with a special and unique personality that makes him, him. He has passions that go beyond music. He loves to skate, "there's no better feeling than landing a new trick for the first time." Salah is a humble and caring person, and believes all life on earth has value and purpose. He looks for the betterment of today's kids, and hopes to leave this world a better place for the youth. 

He is proud of his heritage and who he is, and is not afraid to express how he feels.

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