Sol Fest First Look: Matt M.

A first look at the artists performing at this weekend's biggest event.
Sol Fest is just around the corner. Don't forget to get your tickets before the price goes up. Now in the spotlight we have Matt M.

Matt M. was born and raised in the small city of San Benito, Texas also known as "The Resaca City."

His passion for music has always been a strong one, however he never pursued a musical career until he had reached his senior year in high school.

San Benito does not spit out world class athletes or A-list celebrities, but it is the Hispanic heritage within it, and the small size of the city, that has inspired Matt M. to have big dreams.

At the age of 17, Matt M. put his thoughts into paper and released his first mixtape "Ready For the Fame." The response San Benito gave Matt M. motivated him to take his music a step further.

"I learned that music does not always have to be complicated and sometimes less is more with Hip-Hop."

Through practice, Matt M. dug deep within himself to find the story he intended to be heard through his music.

In the following years he went on to release two more mixtapes called "Just Take It, It's Free" and "No Stress."

After releasing these mixtapes did Matt M. realize how far he had come in his musical career.

"what I aim to do with my inspire."

Matt M. takes inspiration from artists such as J. Cole and Nas because "to me those are artists who believe what they write and are men of the people. To be a man of the people of my city is all I aspire to be."

Matt M. desires only recognition, because when he makes it big so does San Benito. It has never been about being a solo act as he wishes to give back to his city.

All those years of hard work and the mindset to perfect his craft has led to the release of his latest mixtape "Soulful."

"I have put this mixtape out to show whoever feels that mediocrity is what life has allowed them to accept is wrong."

Inspiration is what allowed Matt M. to pursue this dream and he intends to do the same for others through his music.

Matt M. lives by a simple motto, "Passions make us who we are." 

With a drive and passion for his music Matt M. will make the stage his. Come listen to him live this Saturday, April 11, from 3 PM to 1 AM.

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YouTube - Matt Montalvo
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Twitter - @matt6montalvo
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Reverbnation - Matt M. 

Listen to Matt M. :

YouTube - Thee Intro II (Soulful Mixtape)

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  1. Where can I listen to Matt M. "Ready for fame" mixtape?