Sol Fest First Look: PeanutGallery

PeanutGallery, one of Sol Fest performing artist

As we get closer to Sol Fest, lets take another look at one of the performers. PeanutGallery

PeanutGallery (yes it's one word) is a San Antonio based band. They started as a quartet, fell down to a trio, trimmed to a duo, but are now back as a trio. Though they idolize sounds from the 80s, they admire modern rap/hip-hop artist such as Eminem, OutKast, and Kanye West. They also love anything danceable. You can hear all the different influences in PeanutGallery's music after a couple listens, and because of their vast amount of influences, it's hard to categorize their genre of music.

Raul Garcia and Matthew Hall have stuck with the band throughout it's eight year history. They write their own original lyrics and instrument compositions, which is why they have such a unique sound. Close friend and collaborator Danny Garcia lent his vocals and multi-instrumental talent in recording sessions on feature works, and eventually became a permanent band member late in 2013. It was then that an idea was formed and the rest is history.

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Twitter - @LaPeanutGallery
Soundcloud - PeanutGalleryMusic
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