Sol Fest First Look: Raven OutLaw

A look at the artists performing at this weekend's biggest event.

As the days bring Sol Fest closer, another artist has taken the spotlight. This time it's the rock group known as Raven Outlaw.

Raven Outlaw is the vocals for the band, but he also plays bass, guitar, and drums. His companions, Eric Puente and Adrian Money, play drums and guitar. 

Originally, Raven Outlaw used to do work for other bands and he liked it, "However, I've always had my own thing that I did from time to time and now the time has come for me to take this on more full time."

Raven Outlaw has succeeded in achieving his goal. His music can be defined as "different", but in a good way. He prefers to call it, "Rock and Roll. Just with my own touch to it."

The group's stage presence exudes Rock and Roll. It can be seen with the dedication they put into their music.

Listen to them and many other artists this Saturday, April 11, from 3 PM to 1 AM.

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Reverbnation - Raven Outlaw