Sol Fest First Look: Sterl LeMoor

A first look at the artists performing at this weekend's biggest event.
Sol Fest is this weekend. Now time for another artist to take the spotlight. This time we have another student artist known as Sterl LeMoor.

As a UTSA student, Sterl LeMoor is an information systems major, but always finds the time to work on his music. 

Sterl LeMoor was born in Dallas, Texas, and later moved to Austin. Soon he became a quick eye catcher with his new style and rejuvenated Texas sound. Sterl LeMoor brings with him a refreshing Hip Hop flow, something that has not been seen since old UGK

Already having dropped his first EP [The Awakening], he's quickly moving forward onto his next focus for the summertime. Sterl LeMoor is more of a vintage rapper than anything. He's not caught up in the thought of fame. Instead, he prefers to rap to get his point across and drop knowledge to his peers.

Come and listen to him live this Saturday, April 11 from 3 PM to 1 AM.

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Facebook - Sterl LeMoor
Instagram- @sterllemoor
Twitter - @SterlLeMoor
Soundcloud - Sterl LeMoor

Listen to Sterl LeMoor:

Soundcloud - The Next M.L.K

YouTube - Sterl LeMoor's First Performance