Sol Fest First Look: Taylor Louis & The Legacy

A first look at the artists performing at this weekend's biggest event.
In a few more days Sol Fest will be in full gear. Another artist is in the spotlight and it's the band Taylor Louis & The Legacy.

Located in San Marcos, Texas, Taylor Louis & The Legacy is a high energy Hip-Hop/R&B/Jazz that puts a modern and hip twist to their craft. The band includes Taylor Louis on the keys and lead vocals, Whitney Williams on bass guitar and backup vocals, and Marcus Alexander on drums.

The band met as a result of the lead song-writer, Taylor Louis, looking for a band to perform the songs he had written. After numerous jam sessions, it was clear the end result was a faucet for creativity that all members contributed to. 

All the members bring their own sides to the plate; Marcus Alexander brought a very sampled Hip-Hop feel, Whitney Williams provided a gospel aspect to things, while Taylor Louis brought a soulful and jazz influenced sound. The end result was a three course meal that was completely original and a sound that was completely all of their own.

As different as their musical aspects, each member has helped build a band worthy of recognition. 

Usually playing in San Marcos, Houston, or Austin, Taylor Louis & The Legacy will be in San Antonio this Saturday. Come out and see them live with other artists on April 11, from 3 PM to 1 AM.

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