Sol Fest First Look: Wole Dot O

A first look at the artists performing at this weekend's biggest event.

Sol Fest is right around the corner. Time to take a look at another artist. It's none other than Wole Dot O.

Wole Dot O is an upcoming artist from Houston, Texas. His lyrics are written to spread a message to all the listeners. As a man with a vision to bring change, Wole Dot O plans on changing the content behind the music that is being played today.

Writing music is nothing new to him since it's been implemented in his life at an early age. Music is more than a hobby or way to pass time for Wole Dot O. It's something he truly values and that will be always be with him.

Since it is very dear to him, Wole Dot O will always be perfecting his craft. As the man said it, music is "diverse. It's a never ending journey that I am so blessed to have embarked upon."

Wole Dot O has stuck his head to ground in order to achieve this goal. His words speak, but the music makes the message effortless.

Come see him live this Saturday, April 11, from 3 PM to 1 AM.

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