Sol Fest Goes Down in History

Clouds didn't stop Sol Fest from becoming an event worth attending.

Sol Fest has officially come to an end, sadly. After all the preparation that was put into it, the event went off without a hitch.

People from all ages came out to Josabi'sChildren ran around, while some people enjoyed a few drinks outside, and others threw a couple back at the bar with some friends.

The volunteers were on top of their game helping the artists set up, people park their cars, taking tickets at the door, and selling the official Rowdy Radio merchandise.

Food was also there in the name of Gilbo's Grill. 

Food in the name of Gilbo's Grill came to serve the people.

Gilbo's Grill provided plenty of delicious foods throughout the night. I didn't get a chance to eat their burger, which looked superb, but those fries were delicious. 

There was also live art. It was amazing. Two artists were drawing and painting new pieces on the spot and sold them as cheap as $5. 

Art came to live on the spot at Sol Fest.

Sigh, wish I had gotten one when I had the chance.

The music made the night unforgettable. Each artist and band displayed their talent in a righteous way. From rap to blues, every artist and band was given the spotlight they deserved.

Top: Parallelephants giving the audience a piece of their music.
Bottom: Amea spreading her musical message to the audience.

Hopefully we see them again and new artists next year. 

It was a night that went down in history and Josabi's wall.

Rowdy Radio's first poster officially earning a spot on Josabi's wall.
Sol Fest was the assuring factor for Rowdy Radio and our path to making history. It was a huge step in the right direction for us, and I'm so thankful to be a part of it. We are bound for greatness!

A gigantic thank you to all the artists, bands, volunteers, and Josabi's for helping make all this possible! Also a big thank you to everybody that went out and joined us in this wonderful event! 

Get ready because there will definitely be another Sol Fest next year and it'll be even better!

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