Live on the Lawn: Back to School

Students getting rowdy at Live on the Lawn.
      Rowdy Radio and the UTSA University Center created a truly wonderful experience for the students of UTSA. This past Friday, August 21st, marked the end to the first week of the Fall 2015 semester. It was punctuated by incredible performances by Hippie Sabotage and Parallelephants at UTSA Live on the Lawn. The evening was a night to remember and a perfect back to school event for everyone who attended. With the music softening the blow of reality, the last remnants of summer exuded from the crowd's energy before the rigor of the Fall semester truly set in.
Parallelephants relaxing after the show.
      The evening opened with Parallelephants performing their uniquely relaxing and upbeat sound evoking the true spirit of summer almost cooling the atmosphere around the stage from the hot August weather. Parallelephant's energy was infectious to the audience. Parallelephat's crowd became a fluid mass of good vibes rhythmically in tune with Parallelephants performance. Parallelephant's onstage personas were incredible, their command of the stage helped the audience connect with the music and furthered an all around incredible performance.

     Parallelephants was contrasted perfectly with the performance of Hippie Sabotage. With their unique brand of Hip Hop from the West Coast, Hippie Sabotage came to the stage with an intense fun loving attitude which only grew throughout the show. The sound created a crowd who could not be stopped from having a great time. Hippie Sabotage closed the event with an amazing performance of their popular remix of Tove Lo’s “Habits” and the crowd was hopping. Half the crowd got onto the stage and sang in unison to the remix a memorable ending to the first week back at UTSA.

      Rowdy Radio was able to have a chat with Hippie Sabotage and Parallelephants after the show. Both groups expressed how much they enjoyed the UTSA experience and would come back to perform if they were asked.

     Thank you, Hippie Sabotage, Parallelelphants, Rowdy Radio and UTSA University Center for providing an amazing evening for the students of UTSA.