The Native Roar's Self Titled Album Shreds Expectations

Album Cover Courtesy of The Native Roar via Bandcamp

When it comes to music, San Antonio has many bands catering to the people. Even with mainstream music, these bands have put as much, if not more, effort towards their craft.

The Native Roar is one out of the many bands I have happened to come across. Their self-titled EP "The Native Roar" is available to fans via iTunes or during one of their live performances, in order to obtain a physical copy.

A physical copy of the EP comes packaged in a simple white sleeve, with the album title displayed in gold lettering. Personally, the packaging is convenient and leaves space for other albums when being shelved. There are four tracks to the EP, each distinct in its own manner yet complimenting its companions.

"Don't Ask Me" is the introductory song and my personal favorite. It sends the listener straight to the nitty gritty style of The Native Roar. Encompassing the mixture of rock, country, and blues the song drags the listener towards the soul of rock and roll. 

Expectations only got better with the second track, "Pain." It has a slower rhythm than "Don't Ask Me" but "Pain" holds dark emotions upfront, similar to Johnny Cash's cover of "Hurt".  "Leaving", the third track of the album, comes in with a cheerful tone. It almost seems out of place, but its purpose is to leave the listener unprepared for "Dangerous Ways," the final track of the album.

Overall, the album justified The Native Roar. It goes to show local bands are amazing. I wish there had been more tracks added to the album, but it is an EP. Hopefully they plan on releasing a new album and soon.