This is NOT a Eulogy

Former Director of Programming, Alex Flores. 

The purpose of writing has different meanings. Yet, for Rowdy Radio it has always been about providing the latest news to the public. Sometimes those news aren't so great.

Rowdy Radio managed to be created with the determination of a small group. Within that small group was Alex Flores. Now, you're probably wondering who Alex Flores is. Let me break it down.

Alex was the Director of Programming during the academic year of Fall 2014 - Spring 2015. Having been re-elected, she was to resume her role for the academic year of Fall 2015 - Spring 2016. During the summer, Alex quickly began planning Live on the Lawn, alongside the UC (University Center), and other events for Rowdy Radio.

Just a month ago she was diagnosed with leukemia. Thus, she had to step down from her role and put her education on pause. In the meantime, her chairs, Jesse Cruz and Bryan De Leon, have divided the responsibilities of her job between themselves. 

It came as a shock to everybody in the organization. Majority of the members were not in town in order to physically be there to support her. Yet, her surprise visit during Rowdy Radio's first general meeting brought mixed emotions of surprise and joy amongst the veteran members. 

I could go on about how tragic this is, but that's melodramatic. It's a part of life. We just have to make the best of our misfortune.

So, for those that know and met her, keep her in your thoughts. She is a dedicated woman with enormous dreams. 

And to Alex,

We miss you. Had it not been for your passion and drive, alongside the original members, Rowdy Radio would not be where it is. There is much more I wish to write. But how can I write down endless thoughts when there's no simple way to put them together?