UTSA Live Lawn: Parallelephants

A first look at the artists performing at our Welcome Back Concert.

Hey guys, welcome back! Do you remember the band Parallelephants?... Well guest what? They are back!

First of all let me remind you a little bit about them. Parallelephants was founded in 2014 by the lead singer Thom Sykes, to create a unique and a different music style. Their intention is to create a music movement in which people can identify with and to make it part of their lives. Parallelephants has achieved their own style by creating their entire marketing, visual, and music which make them different from other bands.

If you wonder what kind of music it is? By listening to their album on Bandcamp, I could  notice that it is a unique mix style of funk, rock, and blues.

Parallelephants is definitely a band worth to listening because it is just one of the kind!

Listen to them and Hippie Sabotage this Friday, August 21 at 8 pm

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YouTube-  Online Baptism 
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