UTSA Live on the Lawn: Hippie Sabotage

"Sunny" Hippie Sabotage's official debut album
As time goes by, artists manage to find new ways to reinvent genres. I love music, and every now and then I think to myself, “Will musicians ever run out of ideas? Is it possible to create sounds never heard before? How long will it take before music becomes dull? Will it ever reach a point of unoriginality? As I ask myself these questions, I hope that I will long be gone from this Earth before I get the answers.

Hip hop is an ever evolving genre of music, with fine lines between other genres such as rap and pop. From The Sugarhill Gang and Grand Master Flash to J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar, hip hop has evolved a lot since then. Hip hop is no longer just hip hop, it’s underground, it’s glitch hop, trip hop, trap, the list goes on. One group that has managed to redefine hip hop is Hippie Sabotage.

Hippie Sabotage was formed by two brothers, Jeff and Kevin from San Diego in the mid 00’s. Their music is best defined as hip hop. Though, through the years they have evolved their music to something much more unique. They produced hip hop beats infused with San Diego vibes for rappers like J. Leake and Yukmouth in their early years. They have developed their beats throughout the years and you can feel it in their music. You can taste a hint of edm in their music, and feel the trap influences in their beats as well.

Hippie Sabotage was first put on the radar with their hot remix of Tove Lo's "Habits." Their remix became famous when fellow artist Ellie Goulding posted about their remix and praised them for the job well done.

Tove Lo's version of "Habits" was already a huge hit, but when people heard Hippie Sabotage's version of Habits, fans seemed to like it more. Tove Lo's version has about 142 million views on Youtube while Hippie Sabotage's version has a tremendous 275 million views.

Following "Habits" success, Hippie Sabotage released their first album entitled "Sunny" with songs "Sunny" and, monster hit, "Your Soul."

Hippie Sabotage is proving that they are here to stay, and that their success is not a fluke. They are riding the momentum and are looking to continue their success.

Hippie Sabotage will perform at UTSA's Main campus on August 21, 2015

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