10 Quick takeaways from Week 1

Tom Brady
That’s right, football season is in full swing. Man oh man, what a Week 1 it was! From Tom Brady’s suspension being lifted to the emergence of Carlos Hyde. Football is back, baby, and I’m pumped. I didn’t get a chance to see all of the games, but I tried to keep track of what was going on. So here are 10 takeaways from Week 1.

1. Tom Brady has still got it

Prior to last Thursday’s game, Tom Brady’s suspension was lifted. Apparently there wasn’t enough evidence to suspend Brady. I could go on about Brady and how I think he should have been suspended, but that’s another story. Brady may be one of the most tarnished names in the NFL despite his four NFL titles, Brady is viewed as a cheater. Regardless of what people say or think, you cannot deny his talent. I’m not a fan of Brady, but man oh man, can the guy play. Watching Brady play Thursday was something else. He is still showing the league that he can play at a high level. Yes they came off a Super Bowl Win last year, but Brady was looking like he was losing his step. But last Thursday Brady put on a show.

2. Aaron Rodgers is still Phenomenal 

Speaking of great quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers was doing Aaron Rodgers things. It amazes me how great of a player Rodgers is. He's got all the tools to be one of the best quarterbacks. With Jordy Nelson out for the season, Rodgers had to find new targets to throw to. He found many different targets including Randall Cobb, Davante Adams, and James Jones. Rodgers showed us why he is the best in the business. He’s got a great arm, accuracy, pocket awareness, and can even run the ball when need be. He will be a great quarterback for years to come.

3. Peyton Manning has been on the decline

While Brady and Rodgers continued to show the league how great they are, Manning was just the opposite. He is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, but his age is creeping up on him. Even though the Broncos won their game Sunday, it was because of the defense, not Manning. He didn’t throw a touchdown that game, but had one interception. He looked terrible on Sunday and needs to get it together if the Broncos want to make it to the Super Bowl.

4. Cowboys may break their mold

I wasn’t able to see the game, but I kept up with the score and updates. Throughout the game the Giants held the lead. Despite holding the title as “choker” Tony Romo proved the haters and doubters wrong. Romo came in the clutch to bring the Cowboys back and get the eventual Win. Though, it was the Giants, so making a comeback against them may not be all too impressive, but it’s still something worth noting.

5. Has Odell Beckham Jr. came back down to Earth?
The Phenom from last year was held in check Sunday night. After having one of the most sensational Rookie campaigns last year, Odell came back crashing down to Earth. Odell made his most famous one handed stretch catch against the Cowboys last season, but the Cowboys weren’t having that this time around. My friend and I have been saying it for a while; Odell Beckham Jr. will not have as great of a year as he did last season. Though it was one game, Odell still has time to shine. It will be interesting to see how Odell progresses throughout the season.

6. Carlos Hyde is here to stay

With Frank Gore in Indy, people were questioning Hyde’s ability to replace Gore. I’m more than positive all the doubt went away with Hyde’s performance Monday night. He put together one of the most beautiful games of his career. Hyde finished the game with 168 yards on 26 carries for 2 TDs. He looked fantastic Monday night, shooting through gaps, making flash decisions, not to mention his nasty spin move leading to his first touchdown. Hyde has a bright future in the NFL.

7. Mariota over Winston?

Wow is all I can say. The 2015 No. 1 overall pick versus the No. 2 overall pick. The contest wasn’t even close. No. 2 Mariota vastly outplayed No. 1 Winston. Mariota threw for four touchdowns in the first half, while Winston struggle most of the game. His first NFL throw ended up being a pick six. Did the Buccaneers make a mistake drafting Winston over Mariota?

8. Will Tight Ends be more effective this season?

Many tight ends became superstars during Week 1. Gronk did his thing finishing the game with 3 TDs for over 100 yards, as Jimmy Graham caught some crucial passes with 1 TD. Rising stars in Travis Kelce and Austin Seferian-Jenkins lived up to their expectations this past week. Veterans like Delanie Walker and Heath Miller put up solid numbers. Usually tight ends aren’t as involved in the passing game, but Week 1 was different, will TE be more involved in the passing game now?

9. The NFL continues to be unpredictable 

Last season was unpredictable and just straight up weird. It didn’t feel like the usual football season. Week 1 had its strange moments. Most of all the couple teams that were “for sure” going to win their games lost. The Colts, Eagles, and Seahawks all lost. The Cowboys almost lost their game, but pulled through in the end. I was stunned to hear the former three teams lose, I thought for sure they would win. Either their teams aren’t as good as people thought, or their opponents are just better than people assumed.

10. Injuries are an early issue

Last but not least we have injuries. A few star players went down during Week 1. T.Y. Hilton left Sunday’s game, and was expected to be out for a while. Hilton’s injury wasn’t as bad people thought, and he’s only expected to miss two games at most. Superstar Dez Bryant went down with an injury during Sunday’s game. There was fear that he may miss the rest of the season, but Bryant tweeted out that he’ll be gone 4-6 weeks. But with Bryant gone, should the Cowboys be worried? Baltimore lost their Veteran Terrel Suggs and it looks like he will miss the rest of the season. With these names plus many more, you have to wonder what else can the NFL do to make the game a little safer. They have already been regulating rules, and football isn’t the same with less contact.