A Glimpse at Growing Up in Today's World

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White God is a look at the cruel realities of the world through the lens of the naive minds of a teenage girl and her dog. The film depicts a separation of best friends due to a law requiring the registration of mixed breed dogs. Following a teenage girl we find the emotional difficulty of growing up in todays world juxtaposed by physical lessons learned by the dog.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this film because of how it has a specific statement about the world and an outlook at the end that can either be hopeful or disheartening. The story follows Lili and Hagen a pair of friends separated due to the circumstances at home. This separation sets in motion events that effect both character profoundly and really Hagen the dog in the film is humanized to the point where you are cheering him on at first in the third act. While Lili, Zsófia Psotta, experiences young love and social hardships after she is forced to abandon her best friend. I highly suggest this film for anyone who appreciate great dramatic performances and a heartfelt message.

What this film does really well is presenting the audience with the perspectives of both the teenage girl and the dog. These perspectives are done well because some of the actions that effect our protagonists are definitely harsh and connects the audience with them. There are scenes in White God that if done differently would put the audience at odds with our protagonists but were played to perfection to evoke empathy for the characters. The actress, Zsófia Psotta, delivers an incredible performance with the ability to make any person feel invested in her relationship with her dog, Hagen. The world through the eyes of our characters is not seen as being merciful.

Spoilers for the film to follow. The harshest parts of this film are the scenes with the dog because he goes through a series of abuse. If you have a dog, it really hits home and is at times hard to watch. What this does though is set up for the third act's incredible revenge. The dog gives back to those that have harmed him. What also happens is that the dog represents our own convictions toward the greater world, in that we feel the world is cruel and wish to change it. From the dog's perspective there is only one way to change his world to make things right.

Overall this film is amazing and is an incredible piece of art with compelling performances. The only negative about White God is the rewatchability of the film. The reason being that although it is incredible, the story is really impactful and not enjoyable for multiple viewings. There are those who can watch dramatic films over and over whereas the emotional weight is too much for another viewer such as myself. I highly suggest watching the film, it is currently on Netflix and has a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes by critics with a 71% from audiences.