Being A Student + Shopaholic Never Felt So Good

Looking for the best student discount system? Rowdy Radio tells you about it.
Photo credit by Paul Zuckerman (Confessions of a Shopaholic 2009).

Fall started this week and I assume you already said: "hasta la vista, baby" to those flowy skirts and Hawaiian shirts you loved to wear so much during the summer and put them away for the next couple of months. As a result, you might have been left with some room to fill your wardrobe with new fall/winter clothes and the urge to start browsing through the brands you adore and get some pieces that will keep you warm and looking sharp.

But there is a problem.

Because the change of season is in all its glory, you know, weather changing and Fashion Weeks happening all around the world, the new trends are being sold at full price. That means no sales, no discounts, and no BOGOs in items that in this case, are not bikinis or shorts. Everyone knows that if you are a student and a sucker for the latest fashion and tech items, shopping season can be a burden most of the times. And you wonder: If we have invented selfie sticks, why don't we have a free student discount system that will let us buy current pretty things no matter what time of the year it is?

The answer to that question is that in this huge sea of websites, there happens to exist one which does exactly that, but that is sadly unknown by most of my fellow classmates here at UTSA.

Until now.

UNiDAYS® is an entirely free discount online system without membership card or sign-up costs founded by and for students, that gives you access to a variety of discounts online and in-store with major clothing brands like ASOS, American Apparel, BCBG Generation, Levi's, Reebok, UNIF, Urban Outfitters, Penguin, Perry Elis, TOMS and more, as well as with your favorite tech and entertainment merchants such as Apple, Microsoft, and Monster.
UNiDAYS® will give you access to a variety of discounts exclusive for students.
UNiDAYS website home page.

In addition for your convenience, UNiDAYS® has an App that works with both iOS and Android that lets you redeem discount codes in-store using photo identification on your phone.

Sounds awesome-sauce, no?

So if you want to enjoy those fabulous student perks, you must be a college student 16 or older who attends school in the US and register following the steps below. (It will take you less than 5 minutes, no joke).

1. Go to
2. Join entering your student email address
3. Verify your student status
4. Be ready to love (even more) being in college

Now that I told you about one of my best last fashion-shopping discoveries, I think it is proper that I introduce myself:

My name is Samantha, and among other things, I am a student and avid fashion shopper who NOW loves it.

Good luck on midterms. Read you next week.

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