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Burgundy Woods being stylish while staying on a budget

 The fall semester just started and many of us want to be stylish while staying on a budget. With San Antonio expanding rapidly so many Fashionistas are on the rise, thus making it possible for college students to balance a budget and still look like a Hollywood Star.This summer,  I interviewed Burgundy Woods, a fashion designer who wants to put San Antonio on the rise in the fashion industry.

Burgundy Woods has a passion for flare and has created her own network by the name of Style Lush TV. She has set a path through her YouTube channel, and has gained a large group of followers on Instagram.  This is definitely the girl you want to have set up your wardrobe!

This summer I got to know her fashion tips and secrets on how to be stylish on a budget. Her best advice to being stylish while staying on a budget was that when we are in our  late teens and 20's there's many accessible ways thanks to stores like Forever 21 and H&M. Those places literally do the work for us. We can buy in bulk and not put too much investment on the fleeting styles they produce.

However, when we hit our 30's it is much better to start investing (slowly if we have to) in timeless high quality foundation pieces. For example, the perfect pencil skirt, a white collar blouse, a pair of slacks, a blazer, and so on.

We may need to hang on to budget items until we can afford to buy more of the items that we deserve. According to Burgundy, once we start our investment collection it is easier to be stylish because foundation items automatically elevate the budget items.

I love Forever 21 and H&M. They are my favorites store because of their accessible prices and their fashionable clothes. All the clothes that I have are from these kind of stores. So now we know how to be stylish without spending too much money.

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