Clash of Consoles Plus League of Legends Skins

Some eSports members playing MKX
Taken by Raul Mata of Rowdy Radio
Okay, so last Saturday the UTSA eSports club had a Clash of Consoles in the Travis Room in the University Center. They had a bunch of TVs set up as well as an ethernet splitter, so of course I was able to plug my laptop in and play League.

They also held a MKX tournament (Mortal Kombat X for those who are ill informed). I brought a friend and my brother along and met tons of cool people that played games. They set up multiple Sega Genesis', Ataris, PS4s, Xbox Ones, and had a ton of joysticks and ethernet cords for anyone that needed it.

My brother got really good at an old style football game for the Atari. Every time anyone tried to throw the ball he was able to intercept it, all 4 pixels of it. If you're looking for another LAN party or just wanna see where all the eSports guys and gals hangout to play games and League during school check out their Facebook page here.

My little brother playing Sonic The Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis
Taken by Raul Mata of Rowdy Radio

Anyways, down to League, on September 16 Riot Games announced new Marauder and Warden skins as well as the Championship Kalista and Ironside Malphite. Now I don't know about y'all but I bought all the Marauder and Warden skins when they came out for Ashe, Warwick, Sivir, and Nautilus respectively. My friend and I would play the Warden Nautilus and Marauder Warwick and get super tanky and spam in all chats "WE ARE RAID BOSSES COME FACE US." That's probably one of the funnest things I've found to do on League. Now, these new skins are coming out and that just means more raid bosses for my friend and I to exploit.

Firstly for the Marauder skins they are releasing Alistar and Olaf, which both are in need of new skins. And guess what, THEY LOOK LIKE RAID BOSSES. I have never seen such a tanky looking Alistar skin before, his ulti finally looks like he is unstoppable. So happy. Furthermore, this Olaf running at you full sprint with ghost on looks like it can make a large number of the League community pee their pants. Oh boy am I excited.

Now since they decided to add these new raid bosses to the skin wheel of course they had to add Warden skins that look like they can purify these devilishly looking champions. Jax and Karma both got some of the cleanest looking skins I've ever seen. Jax looks like he could take on an entire evil cult while holding a cheeseburger in one hand and Karma looks like she's about to burn you up with how good she looks. 

With Worlds just around the corner they definitely had to announce the Championship skin that they had in the works. And guess what, it had to be for everyone's favorite and most difficult adc, Kalista. To be honest it looks like a reboot of her original skin but just blue. However, I noticed that they changed the way her spirit flow looks and her armor, that is enough to let me buy it. OH RITO, why do you hate my wallet so?

Ironside Malphite laughing it up. Courtesy of Surrender at 20

The one I am most hyped about is the up and coming Malphite skin, Ironside Malphite. His new skin will accompany the Corsair Quinn, Rogue Admiral Garen, and Sea Hunter Aatrox skins which came out during the Bilgewater event. He literally looks like a whole new champ and if you like the whole steam punk genre, then this is the skin for you. Given most of Malphite's current skins are just overlaps of his original skin with a changed color or two but this new skin is a completely different looking Malphite. I almost never use Malphite even though he is really strong, now with this new skin coming out I am going to be spamming him all through solo queue. 

If you want a closer look at these skins and how their skills will look go checkout SkinSpotlights on YouTube for all the details. And for any news for the upcoming patches or champions for League, check out Riot Games official website here.