Free Apple Music Trial Begins to Expire Today

Time to choose. Are you staying with Apple or going back to Spotify?
Exactly 3 months ago, Apple Music was launched and began to offer a free trial for those who were curious about the service. However, today marks the end of such trial period for early adopters who have to now decide whether paying $9.99 a month and enjoy more than 30 million songs, is worth it or not. If you haven't decided yet though, you have to hurry up.

For those Apple Music users who have not deactivated the automatic renewal option, the first payment will be charged exactly on the day your 3 month trial expires without notice. But, if you were not one of the very first users of this innovative streaming service, you can still take advantage of the trial membership that will consequentially expire three months after you sign up. As soon as your service is activated, you can expect to enjoy unlimitedly a huge music library containing tens of millions of songs and the ability to add your own collection and save songs for when you are offline as well as share your favorite jams with your friends on social media and follow your favorite artists with Apple Connect.

Apple Music had a rough start, however, the service has improved in these past three months and promises to keep the good work until it becomes an irresistible offer. In the meantime, Apple is confident that their exclusive promotions, music festival and a new tempting familiar plan will convince those who are still with their competitors.

So now that you know time is running out to enjoy Apple Music for free, what will you do? Will you stay, or go back to Spotify?

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  1. I'm really glad I didn't sign up on it on the first day or yesterday would have been heartbreaking. I will say that switching from Spotify to Apple Music has been amazing, but I could be biesed since it's still free for me! :)