Gregg Popovich plans to keep coaching after the Big 3 leaves

Coach Gregg Popovich (Photo credit to Eric Gay/AP -

For many of us who grew up and lived in San Antonio, all or most of our lives, know that San Antonio is not one of the most glamorous cities out there. There’s not much to do that you can’t do in other cities that we do in San Antonio. I mean, we have a few attractions like the Tower of Americas, the Riverwalk and the Alamo. But let’s face it, they aren’t much of attractions. I mean, other cities like Las Vegas and Seattle have observatory towers, and the Alamo is more of a historical landmark that can only be admired for so long. But there are a few things that San Antonio has that we can take pride in. The first thing is tacos, especially breakfast tacos! Here in San Antonio we take breakfast tacos for granted, and I grew up thinking they were a nationally known thing, but just a couple years ago I found out otherwise, but that’s another story. The second thing we can take pride in is our San Antonio Spurs.

The Spurs are one of the only professional sports teams we have in San Antonio, and we’re sure glad to have them. The Spurs made waves in the early part of their basketball history, but it didn't compare to what they were going to accomplish when they drafted Tim Duncan.

Gregg Popovich became GM and Vice President of Basketball Operations of the Spurs in 1994 after Peter Holt bought the team. During the 1996-97 season, after a slow start, Popovich fired Spurs head coach Bob Hill and named himself head coach.

With Popovich taking over as head coach, the presence of David Robinson and the drafting of Tim Duncan in 1997, the Spurs Franchise was about to change. 1997 was the beginning of the Duncan Era and the start of one of the most memorable dynasties in sports history. 

Popovich played a huge role in recruiting Duncan to play for the Spurs as he saw potential in him. They created a bond before draft night that would ultimately lead to 18 straight winning seasons (16 straight years of 50 plus wins) with 5 championship titles. Popovich, Duncan and Robinson were the foundation of this memorable Spurs dynasty. Once Robinson retired, the Spurs found new blood in Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. The rest is history.

Growing up in San Antonio, watching the Spurs was one of the things I looked forward to. I love basketball, from watching it, to playing it and everything in between. I grew up watching Tim Duncan, and it meant so much more that he played for the Spurs, it gave kids like me a reason to take pride in our city. Gregg Popovich and crew has set a standard for all of sports and this Spurs Era will go down as one of the greatest in sports history. They have left behind an everlasting legacy and are looking to extend it.

Tim Duncan and LaMarcus Aldridge (Photo credit to
A few years ago when everyone thought Tim Duncan was going to call it quits, there were questions about how long Popovich was going to be head coach. There were speculations that he would retire when Duncan retires. Duncan's age is catching up to him, and he is reaching the end of his career. No one wants to see him retire nor does anyone want to see Pops retire, but sometimes that's just the way it goes. There were many questions about what direction the franchise would head in once the Duncan Era ends, but Spurs fans can now rest a little easy after the Spurs signed LaMarcus Aldridge over the summer. 

During a recent interview with ESPN, coach Pops told them that he plans to coach even after Duncan retires. He said that it wouldn't be right to convince Aldridge to join the Spurs and leave him a year or two later. Pops feels like he owes it to his players, especially Aldridge, to stick around a couple more years as head coach. In fact Pops is looking to coach long after the Big Three retire, that includes Tony Parker who is currently 33. Parker probably has another 5 years before he retires, which means we might see Pops coaching for another 10 years.

With the signing of Aldridge and other key players, the development of Kawhi Leonard and company, as well as Popovich sticking around for a few more years, the transition out of the Duncan Era will be much easier. Rest easy Spurs fans, once Duncan and Ginobili retire, we still have a great core, including Pops, for a few more years.