How are YOU spending your personal time?

Ahh.. the stress of a college student.

We’ve ALL got busy lives one way or another. It sometimes seems silly how fast stress piles up in just a few days. On top of school, most of us are working. Some of us get lucky and only work during the week days. And even then, our weekends are usually packed with things to do with the organizations we’re involved in.

For all of us busy bees that bring all of the honey back to the hive of stress that we’re living in, we need a break too and I’m here to give some suggestions for time management. I’m a music major with A LOT on my plate and I know that a great majority of us have just as much and if not more. BUT…We’re all in this together!

We can do this!
 Here are some suggestions to give yourself some personal time that is simple enough or rowdy enough for you. I’m not saying get carried away and not do your homework. The best things to do are get them done early, when you want to quit, but really shouldn’t. Try to get as much done as you can on a Friday night, if that’s when your week ends. If you’re not done then, sleep in on a Saturday and get up and finish what you started. Then you can spend the remainder of Saturday and Sunday with whatever you want. For example, my week is full of work, 14 hours of school, piano, guitar and voice practice and then a few meetings spread throughout the week. Almost every weekend has itself planned out with events and volunteer work for the organizations I’m involved in. I know.. I totally asked for that anyway! Nonetheless, I’m a hard worker and I like to reward myself after I’ve done all I could do every now and again.

This weekend, the Alamo City Comicon had taken place over at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. For all you nerds out there, you KNOW just how packed, exciting and fun it can be. You’re there to see all the hardcore cosplay, meet celebrities, and BUY ALL OF THE THINGS! I go bankrupt every time I attend. You’re completely surrounded by people who are expressing themselves in a way that everyone who attends, understands. You make new friends who you see annually this time of year. Your truest desires and hobbies come forth to claim their throne among their people, carrying the same passion and drive that doesn’t really show itself very much, otherwise, as much as you’d like.  

Photo taken by Texas Cosplay Photography
This year, I didn’t have money to go, which is a huge downer. Instead, I thought I wanted to be that introvert for the weekend; be in my own space, doing my own thing. What have I done so far? Sit on my couch watching Naruto with a glass of wine and a teddy bear in some lazy clothes in a dark room.
Not every weekend has to be one where you’re hanging with friends, spending money and inside all of the awesome chaos. Once in a while, it’s good to make yourself some personal time. You could do absolutely nothing. I know some of my friends will just watch Netflix all day long, or even play videogames for 19+ hours! That kind of personal time is needed so that you are comfortable with your own niche. It gives you time to relax your mind and be the good amount of lazy you want to be before you head back into the world where time is your biggest challenge.

What else can you do? What are things you miss from high school or your community, wherever you’re from? For me, that’s FOOTBALL! My hometown is VERY proud of their main football team. They will follow the team wherever they go, in any type of weather, even when the team is defeated, the crowd is the biggest support around. This city inspires each other, carries one another, and is unified. I’m away from home so I don’t get to experience that anymore, but boy do I miss the RUSH! You’re located in a place that is completely filled with pride for the area. Slap on your orange and blue body paint and get your behind to a UTSA football game! Scream your lungs out in the bleachers and accidentally drop your nachos all over the place. Who the heck cares?! Just get Rowdy!
Photo taken by Jeff Huehn
The energy, power, and passion unify us for moments whether we win or lose. Get your head in the game and unleash your inner Roadrunner! The football team is up and moving and you’d better be there along with them. Students get discounts and there’s even a via bus service that is available for transportation to and from the Alamo Dome. During football season, you can find all types of Greek life and other organizations who are giving out FREE food and free stuff when they tailgate. Obviously, the school WANTS you there! What are you waiting for?! Get yourself a schedule and buy some tickets!

Now let’s say you want to do something away from your dorm or apartment, but you don’t want to spend money. There’s always free movies and popcorn at the Retama in the University Center. They’re the latest movies and it’s an awesome place to just chill and have a sweet time. I never get the chance to go to the movies. I don’t have cable so I hardly even know what’s showing. Since UC Programs is so generous, I can keep up with all of this stuff and maybe even win some prizes! UC Programs constantly gives out prizes at the movie showings and you can take your friends with you. You’re at the University when it’s not as packed and crazy with people speeding by you with their wicked skateboarding skills. There are posters up all over the place if you’re wondering when you can attend and what weekends they're showing particular movies. If I were you, I’d find a poster, take a picture of it as I’m walking to my next class and then see where you can fit in some good old fashion cheap movie time. 

Don’t let stress get in the way of your personal time. And always remember that it’s not selfish of you to take this time for yourself because we all need to revamp and take a break from everything we’ve got going on. You don’t always have to spend money when you want to do something and you can either do it alone or with friends. Just don’t forget to keep your priorities straight and remind yourself that you ARE in school to reach a goal, but you don’t have to make yourself grow anymore gray hairs than necessary.