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Black Mass marks the start for the award season for films and Johnny Depp makes an impact in his performance as James "Whitey" Bulger, one of the most infamous crime bosses of all-time who is currently serving two life sentences plus five years in federal prison. Black Mass is the story of Bulger's rise to power and the person behind the legend of Whitey. The film although about a gangster is not a gangster genre film because the film really delves into the personality and mindset of Bulger rather than about the gang itself. The reason Bulger is so infamous was his relationship with the FBI, who allowed him to leeway in exchange for information to takedown the mafia. This film is amazing with both a haunting character and lighter moments within this gritty crime drama.

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This film is really carried by Johnny Depp's performance and his interpretation of Bulger's intimidating but charismatic personality. The rest of the cast is also incredible; Joel Edgerton (John Connolly), Benedict Cumberbatch (Billy Bulger), and Rory Cochrane (Steve Flemmi). Although this film is based on a true story there are factual inaccuracies aimed to streamline the story and provide motivation for the main characters such as Bulger's relationship with his son which some imply is not a main motivation for his actions. This is one that really makes Bulger a more sympathetic character and helps the audience understand his actions.

Black Mass is a beautiful film with great frames, with a progression of light throughout the movie. The lighting at the beginning of the film is dark which I took as Bulger being in the shadows, a person behind the scenes. As the film progresses the Bulger comes into the light more bold and a boogie man in broad daylight. This boldness marks the downfall of Bulger and these visual cues are incredible and there are moments in the film where you know what is going to happen but the drama and tension is provided by the performances and visual language of the film.

Bulger's story is one that is so outrageous it is hard to believe it is based on true events. I highly suggest this film as an amazing crime drama with compelling characters. Black Mass currently has a 76% from critics and 79% from audiences on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7.9/10 on IMDB. This is marks the start of incredible movies to come this award season.

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  1. Johnny Depp and Benedict Cumberbatch in the same movie! YAS!! Looking forward to watch this movie during the weekend. Thanks for the review!!