Napa Flats: Diversity in the Italian Kitchen


I have come to Napa Flats more than my hands could count. Well... not really, but it will soon come to be that. 

They have a wood-fired grill, but it's not only that, that gets me fired up to come here. It's the ambiance of the restaurant and the kindness of all of the servers that impacts my experience heavily. Whether it's been from a small request like wanting more bread for my Palo Alto Dip, or making a change request to my food order like substitutions of any sort. They have a delicious selection of different entrees ranging from pizzas, pastas, as well as poultry and seafood.

Palo Alto Dip
But oh man, the Palo Alto Dip is probably one of the best appetizers I have ever feasted my taste buds upon. I don't know if it's the fresh sun-dried tomato and artichokes, or if it's just the unique blend of cheese and herbs that makes it mouth watering. 

Mush n' Spin
Another benefit of eating at this restaurant would be the feel of how modernized the atmosphere is, as well as the selection of alcohol for anyone who can indulge! Another benefit is that they have a kitchen that all the customers can see as the chefs prepare the delectable culinary recipes.
Farmer's Delight
And not only that, they have delicious gelato dessert and different types of goodies that are a great way to end a meal of any sorts! I highly recommend the Farmer's Delight, a pizza that is focused on the freshness of vegetables as well as a delicious sauce that I had wanted to try! 


Today was a good experience, had a blast with the staff and I can't wait to try the other items on the menu! A delicious choice for good food and service without worrying about the calories either.

Thank you to all of the Napa Flats employees for the service and work you do every day, and I also want to thank the Gonzalez family for opening up this place in San Antonio.