Night at the Korova

Venue logo, courtesy of Twitter.
This one is for you heavy headbangers out there! Deadhorse played a great set at the Korova on N. St. Mary's street this weekend. They are a powerful thrash metal band from Houston, TX and have been rockin' in Texas since the 80's! They combine elements of country music and Texas culture into their work with the classic feel of straight metal. It was my first time at the Korova and seeing these guys live. If you are into some old school death metal, then give them a listen. These guys seem to have a pretty decent following and have been active in the Texas metal scene for quite some time. Support Local Music!

Photo Cred: Glen M.
The venue was perfect for the pulsing, high-energy music that the mighty band unleashed on the crowd! The venue itself is located in on E. Martin St. in the heart of downtown San Antonio. The crowd was definitely digging the music and the support that the public was showing was phenomenal! The inside had some iconic movie references from films like a painting of the helmet from 'Full Metal Jacket' and statue replicas from the milk room scene in Stanley Kubrick's 'A Clockwork Orange'. The layout was pretty cool and I met some interesting folks there.

The Korova also welcomes art shows and expositions on top of being a live music venue. It is a great place to go check out up-and-coming acts from all over the world that may catch your attention. After talking with a few staff members and veteran fans, I found out that although they have a primarily metal/punk face, they have had many different genres of acts play on the stage in the 5 years of its standing. They have become a pretty well known mid-size live music venue in San Antonio. I highly recommend checking this place out or better yet, hit up a show! This place is definitely one of the most interesting venues I have seen in San Antonio.

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  1. Deadhorse sounds really cool! Also, the Korova is super killer.