Outlook for the Texas Teams

Cowboys staff lift a injured Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) in the third quarter as the Dallas Cowboys play the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia, Sunday, September 20, 2015.
Tony Romo Game 2 vs the Eagles (Credit: Paul Moseley Star-Telegram)

While the Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys have opposite records (0-2, 2-0 respectively) things may soon change.

Outlook is questionable for the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys have been doing great these past two weeks, but all that may change. This past weekend during the Cowboys and Eagles rivalry game, Tony Romo broke his collarbone. He suffered the injury in the third quarter when he got sacked by Eagles linebacker Jordan Hicks. This is a huge blow for the Cowboys. Last week Dez Bryant went out with a foot injury and is expected to miss between 4-6 weeks, or possibly 10-12 weeks pessimistically. 

The Cowboys roster has slowly been diminishing. These are key players that are going out with injuries. From Orlando Scandrick in the offseason to Dez Bryant and Tony Romo. The Cowboys are in danger of losing a lot of games during this stretch. With two of their best players out, it's hard to see the Cowboys winning a lot of games before Bryant and Romo come back. With the departure of DeMarco Murray, the backfield of Joseph Randle, Darren McFadden, and Lance Dunbar has been doing just average. It seems that Murray did have talent, and wasn't just running behind an all-star offensive line, though he is struggling in Philadelphia, but that's another story. 

Taking into account all the negatives, there is still hope the Cowboys can maintain a winning record before their star players come back. After Romo went out, Brandon Weeden took over the reigns and closed the game out nicely. He hit Wide Receiver Terrance Williams in stride that led to a touchdown. Speaking of Williams, he will be an adequate replacement for Bryant for the time being. He's got the ability to make plays and will be key during this stretch without Bryant and Romo. The Cowboys also traded for Bills backup QB Matt Cassel. Cassel was a great quarterback in his heyday, but he may be past his prime now. Not sure he will be the starting QB in week 3, but we'll see what happens.

With all the injuries, the Cowboys still have their offensive line. They are the best in the business, and a good offensive line can lead to a lot of success down the line. I want to say any quarterback can thrive behind a line like they have in Dallas, as long as that QB can throw accurately. Their backfield should start to come together in these coming weeks. They will probably be heavily relied upon down this stretch.

Houston’s Jadeveon Clowney, a former USC standout, tries to run down Carolina’s Jerricho Cotchery during the Texans’ loss to the Panthers on Sunday.
Jadeveon Clowney,  Jerricho Cotchery (Credit: Mike McCarn -AP)

Can the Texans recover?

I had high hopes fo1r the Texans this year, and so far they have been a bit disappointing. They have added nothing but talent this year, I thought they could only trend upward. With the addition of Rahim Moore, Vince Wilfork and the return of Jadeveon Clowney, why the heck are the Texans 0-2? It is still early in the season and this can still turnaround. They don't have a reliable quarterback which may be a problem in the future. Right now Mallett has outplayed Brian Hoyer for the starting job, but lets see how far Mallett can take the Texans. 

An 0-2 record doesn't always mean bad news though.. Last season the Colts started the season 0-2, and recovered nicely finishing the season 11-5 (though this year could be different, but thats also another story). The reason why the Texans still have a chance to recover is because they faced two great teams in the Kansas City Chiefs and Carolina Panthers. these two teams aren't push over teams, and losses to them shouldn't be taken negatively. The Texans kept the games relatively close.

Another reason for their funk is that the new players are still getting adjusted. Team chemistry has and will always be a factor in any sport you play in. As they play more games together team chemistry will become stronger. Also star running back Arian Foster is hoping to rejoin the team soon. Foster has always been a huge part of the Texans' success and with his return the Texans have a better chance to improve their record. They have a great chance for a bounce back, as they will be facing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

Not to worry Texans and Cowboys fans, the season is still young, and anything can happen. I expect the Texans to recover and I expect the Cowboys to maintain a winning record before Bryant and Romo gets back.

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