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Entrance to ACCC
One week ago, the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center played host to San Antonio's very own comic book convention. Alamo City Comic Con started in 2013 hosted by Alfredo "Apple" De La Fuente and his team. This year Alamo City Comic Con was in full swing into its third year full of many celebrity guests, artists, and dealers many from our own Alamo City!
Editor-in-chief and I with Splinter!
This year was personally my first year attending, and I was blown away by the sheer amount of things to do and see. For some time I had wanted to visit other conventions other than TMEA and SXSW and seeing how I consider myself a huge nerd I decided to enroll in The Anthropology of Superheroes course taught this Fall at UTSA by Jamon Halvaksz. To my surprise one of our in class assignments was to take a trip to ACCC and do anthropological research. So I saw this as a golden opportunity to let my nerd flag, fly for lack of better words. Upon arriving I was greeted by a fan’s worst enemy, THE LINES! However, after standing in them I realized it wasn’t that bad. Mainly because everyone around you were fans of one thing or another just like myself. I remember being able to talk to a couple in front of me about their favorite anime character which lead to a conversation about their favorite super villain, until we reached the ticket booth. So waiting in line never felt like a chore, it all reinforced the idea that I belonged there.

Elisa Wikey and I.
On Friday I mainly visited the Artist Boulevard, which is where I fell in love with many of the artists there. One of the first I decided to get art from was Elisa Wikey from “Elisa Wikey Draws Things.” In the past I had seen many of her artwork in Austin, Texas at a small shop, Gozu Gallery. For a while I had been wanting to get a piece for myself. Luckily she had the one that I was looking for. I have lovingly dubbed it “Sonic Butt.” Secondly, out of the many, I decided to buy from Emily Castillo from, EmilyCastillo.Com. When I first walked to her table I really enjoyed her LEGO style art. One of the ones I decided to pick up first was her Super Alamo Man print!
Aaron Baker (as Misty) and sister enjoying ACCC 

When it came to vendors, I must have talked to so many of them and looked through so many booths! One that I kept coming back to was the Steam Crow booth. Before that day I had never known of who they were, but after a few minutes of talking to them I learned that the company was a husband-wife duo, who just had a passion for monsters and wanted to share their passion with others. Their vintage cute steampunk style was something that really caught my attention making me want to keep stopping by! Another vendor present was our local Heroes & Fantasies, one thing that really caught my attention was their mystery boxes. These mystery boxes would each contain an assortment of comic books ranging from Marvel, DC, or Miscellaneous. Each box was promised a special variant cover special edition. For me it was a special edition of G.I. Joe from a 2004 convention from their miscellaneous box. After exiting their booth I was handed a small flyer talking about three of their upcoming events. On September 26 they will be hosting “Batman Day”, on October 31 they will be hosting “Halloween ComicFest”, however, from October 20 to October 21 they will be having a “Back To The Future” celebration in which they will be releasing a special variant cover with Ninjaink signing the new cover. As a new fan to the Back to the Future trilogy, I will for sure be going to the midnight release of this issue and bringing back some to UTSA!

Curly Girl Cosplay as Storm from X-Men
On my Saturday visit I made sure to go the panels. My first panel was with Jeremy Shada, voice of Finn The Human, and special guest Polly Lou Livingston, voice of Tree Trunks, both from the wildly popular Cartoon Network cartoon, Adventure Time. During the panel attendees were able to take part in a Q&A session in which they were able to ask these two questions ranging from their favorite color to trying to asking if any of their episodes ever creeped them out. Shada entertained attendees by taking requests of singing their favorite Adventure Time song to having guests sing the theme song with him. After the panel I knew I had to be a part of the Stan Lee panel. What kind of first timer comic con attendee would I be if I didn’t go to THE Stan Lee panel. When starting to look for the entrance I knew there would be a line however, I didn’t expect how long the line would be. Luckily the line snaked around a lot of vendors and side shows I found interesting. After 45 minutes of waiting I found myself waiting eagerly inside to get to see Stan Lee in a room full of thousands of other fans. 

After a few minutes Stan Lee stepped on stage and everyone in the room cheered and clapped for the legend himself while during the panel Stan Lee spoke of his past in the comic book industry. During this time it made me realize how many of our favorite characters had changed and morphed into what we know and love today. During his panel, Stan Lee opened up the floor to a Q&A session where fans would ask what sort of advice he had for up and coming writers to questions about his cameos in Marvel movies. Stan Lee answered every single one with his charismatic grace and over the top presence bringing joy to everyone around me.

Harley Quinn. Photo By: IG; @brokenphotography210
Lastly, Comic Con would not be the same without the cosplayers! Cosplayers was one of the things I looked forward to when coming to ACCC. Since I have little to no creativity when creating costume pieces, I always find it really awesome to find a person’s interpretation of a certain character. One of the most popular costumes there was Deadpool, but one thing I found really interesting was that some characters that were being cosplayed were not fully a part of mainstream culture. Cosplaying is meant to be a form of self expression and I was really excited to see how creative some attendees can be. (Psst, if you love any of the pictures that were donated to us to make this blog, click the links in the descriptions and follow all these amazingly creative people!)

IG: @Brittany.a.m as Leela of Futurama
For my first comic con, I found that ACCC was a really good comic con to attend. I was able to have enough freedom to be able to have a decent conversation with all the vendors there but there were also a large amount of people who still made it feel really full. While many other people who live outside of San Antonio might think that San Antonians cannot host an event like this and make it successful, I'd like to say that they are wrong, after my experience I can say that ACCC is here to stay and I can’t wait for the next time. While San Antonio may not have the big sprawling venues as other cities, we do have a very large passionate group of people who are ready for San Antonio to host more events such as ACCC.

Alfredo "Apple" De La Fuente and I after ANT: Super Heroes class

Meeting Alfredo "Apple" De La Fuente was just icing on the cake. Till next time.

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  1. I want to go next year so badly! This convention seems like a lot of fun and really looks as good as the San Diego Comic Con already.
    A good friend of mine had the chance to interview Mr. Lee for the second time at ACCC and told me the legend seemed extremely excited about the upcoming Marvel movies as well as saying he was aware he was the "King of Cameos". LOL Funny guy.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with those of us who couldn't go.