Rowdy Radio's First Birthday

Celebrate Rowdy Radio's First Birthday

From a class project to an RSO, Rowdy Radio has finally reached it's first birthday. In a short amount of time, an idea that was formed many years ago finally exploded with new found inspiration, drive and determination. Rowdy Radio, in it's new light, surpassed a plethora of potential setbacks and circumstances that COULD HAVE run us down into the ground.

In all reality, sometimes, it mind boggles even US that we are where we are today. With a handful of devoted students reaching out, committing their time and carrying out efforts, Rowdy Radio was nominated for a Membership Recruitment Award, held our own first annual Music Festival, and a Benefit Mixer called: A Key to Success. We had many talk shows, as well as news and sports that did very well in their runs through the last academic school year.
During this first birthday, Rowdy Radio invites you to reflect with us on where we were and who we're becoming at this rapid pace. Our co-founder and past President, Walter Moten, graduated and other co-founder, Alex Flores, due to a development of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, has temporarily stepped away.

On this first birthday, the third day of September in the year of 2015, Rowdy Radio is living, thriving, and surmounting to new heights that we believe and have faith in. The mere faith and belief can only get us so far. We can't just have that and expect to get somewhere; we are doers. No matter the loss or challenge, Rowdy Radio implores you to not only bare witness, but be a PART OF US in all ways. We are a community, on or off campus. Whether you're there for support or here contributing yourself in our various ways, we are a family. 

For many more birthdays to come.

Thank you,

Rowdy Radio