SM4SH and Melee Tournament + League of Legends

1st Place Arc playing in the Finals against 2nd Place Alex19
Courtesy of Angela Le of UTSA eSports
This past weekend UTSA eSports had Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments with the 1st place winners getting $145 and $290 respectively here. I met a ton of cool people and was able to enjoy some really really close games. If you have the time be sure to check it out.
Winners for the SM4SH Tournament
2nd Place Atmos, 1st Place JbAndrew from UltraArcade, and 3rd place Winds.
Courtesy of Johnny Ward of UTSA eSports
I initially went into the SM4SH room and was all like "Wow, more people showed up than I thought." I later found out that there was another room for Melee and then I was all like "OMG TOO MANY PEOPLE." There were pro players at the Melee tournament such as Arc, JF, and Alex19. You can Alex on I played Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Melee as well, however I was unaware that there were players that were so flip flippity flipping good at this game. I never had so much fun just watching people play Smash before. UTSA took the liberty to live stream the event and of course they put the pro players on the big screen. You can check out UTSA eSports' twitch channel.

Also, I have finally hit the stride to begin my climb from bronze 5 gold, currently sitting at Silver 3, it has been about a month and I can already taste the Gold Season rewards. Ahhhh feels good. There are rumors going around that Riot is going to make the Victorious skin this year an ADC, so for all those ADC mains good luck making it to Gold this year.

With the mentioning of end of season rewards, one can only think about Worlds on it's way. With it just around the corner, Riot decided to name their top 20 players who are going to be at Worlds. So far they have announced ranks 20th to the 7th and should be announcing ranks 6 and 5 pretty soon. If you want to check out the list yourself and see if your favorite players are on the list, check it out here. Furthermore, you can make your own guesses for who is going to emerge the group stages victorious and in what order. The reward? None other than the impossible to get Championship Riven Skin. Omg how I want this skin so bad. If you want to pick and choose your favorite teams to emerge out of group stages victorious or make your best assumptions on who will succeed go here and attempt your shot at Championship Riven.

Continuously, the NACC is back and ready to start. I know that our UTSA team has been practicing like crazy to get ready for the NA Collegiate Championships so don't forget to watch and support your favorite college to win! If you want more information on any of the new collegiate rules or rewards check it out here.

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