The Beauty of Downtown SA

People of every age came out to this event.
While most UTSA students were still celebrating the PINK campus showdown victory, others were getting ready to go back home for this four day weekend. I actually got to venture to downtown San Antonio and appreciate the music culture within it.
So packed, it was hard just to walk around.
Echale took place yesterday, September 6, and showcased the musical talents of Chulita Vinyl Club, Bombasta, Los Crema Paraiso, and The Suffers. It brought in people of all ages, all there enjoying the music being played outside near the Riverwalk. The location, the Historic Pearl, encases old architecture and some history of San Antonio. It also has now become a popular hangout area for young adults. 

Arriving there early, for a good parking spot, was a cinch. There were a few vendors, but what drew my attention upon entering was the simplistic art that only had spanish words written on them, from "Chula" to "Tejano", this brought in the Latino culture within San Antonio. 
There's no mistake, this guy thought he was very "Chulo" that day.
Chulita Vinyl Club opened the event with some amazing music. They are an "all- girl all-vinyl" group. Due to a lack of female representation, they strive to bring more women into the vinyl and DJ areas. Unfortunately, I did not get to meet them. It was not until later that our photographer points out they had been behind us the entire time spinning records. Their musical selection was upbeat and warm to the tune of an ending summer. 

One of Chulita Vinyl Club's awesome DJs.
Bombasta came in with an energetic vibe. Audience members began getting closer to the stage and there were some people, within the crowds, dancing. Their music style can best be referred to, in my opinion, as cumbia. Lively and accompanied by a special guest, Bombasta did not stop during their 45 minute set.
Bombasta bringing the energy to the crowd.
By the time Los Crema Paraiso were ready to perform the audience had packed around the stage. Just by looking, it was difficult to walk around in the lower seating area. Los Crema Paraiso's musical talent held a reggae vibe mixed with a gentle cumbia rhythm. Although looking calm, they kept their presence alive and held onto the crowd.

Los Crema Paraiso rocking out to their reggae vibe.
The Suffers closed the night with a gentle touch, easing the audience to the end of a glorious event. 

Overall, it was a great experience. There are more to come and it is better to keep an open mind with these events. By keeping ears shut one may miss out on wonderful music and events such as this.