The Beginning of Another Weekend

In between sets the crowd awaits for the next. Photo by RR Photographer Nichole Rowse.
I’d like to start off by thanking Rowdy Radio and the Paper Tiger for the coolest moment of my life. It felt awesome walking to the front of the line and nonchalantly saying “Hey, I’m on the guest list” before getting a wristband with the only question being “Can I see your ID?”

Anyways, this past Thursday, the 17th of September, the Paper Tiger hosted a concert featuring the bands The Technicolors, Turnover, Seahaven, and Lydia. The show was awesome and made me wish I knew a little more about the bands.

It started off with The Technicolors’ song “Heavy Leather”. . . I think. They are a band from Phoenix that nobody really cared for. On the flip side, they gained a new listener, me. Their music was composed to satisfy all my musical needs. The blues inspired songs like “Heavy Leather” and “Sweet Time” had me imitating basic females with my only compliment being “Ugh...You’re perfect.” The drummer had some mad skills. He almost seemed Hip-hop and Jazz inspired with some fills similar to those heard in The Flashbulb’s “Autumn Insomnia Jam Session.”

Turnover performing, photo by RR Photographer Nichole Rowse.
Next, Turnover took over. Again, I didn’t know much about the band but everybody else seemed to be familiar with them.  The song “Hello Euphoria” stood out to me. It was catchy and had me singing “dinner at the waste line” even though the correct lyrics are “Thinner at the waist line.” Following that song was “Dizzy on the Comedown” which, according to stream team member Amber, is “THE song.” The crowd loved them and so did I.

Seahaven performing their set, photograph by RR Photographer Nichole Rowse.
Following Turnover, Seahaven took the stage and wreaked havoc. The first song, “It’s Over”, was a trigger for an attack by the Big Bros. I’m talking about 6-8 tall, wide, heavy dudes dressed for a hip-hop show swarming the front in order to raise their hands and sing every lyric as if it were a Drake show. It was interesting to see them get hyped for an emo indie alternative band while wearing snapbacks and Dr. Dre shirts. The crowd was really feeling Seahaven. Every song was sung by the audience. The last song, “Goodnight”, put me in a bad mood though. That song inspired the crowd to go nuts causing moshing and crowd surfing. I have no problem with either of those. The dudes who didn't care about the people around them were my problem. Seriously, if you’re 6ft and 180lbs, don’t dive into the pile of 16 year old petite girls. Also, if you want to crowd surf, don’t jump toward the people in front of you. THEY CAN’T SEE YOU! Some jerk did both at same time and managed to kick my face in the process. I was beyond upset.

Lydia taking the stage, photograph by RR Photographer Nichole Rowse.
Finally, Lydia came on and made the show peaceful again. Their lighting and background was really nice. How the lights were cued with the music was especially cool. There was a bunch “had to be there” moments during their time. For example, the lead singer said it was hot in San Antonio. Some dude from the audience pulls out a medium sized portable fan and give it to him. Some other dude gets on stage and teased to jump. It took him about 3 minutes to give the crowd the most anti-climactic crowd surf attempt I’ve ever seen. Musically, the band was pretty spot on. Their song “Hospital” brought out the cell phones. During the song “One More Day” the guitarist for The Technicolors played an “ugh...perfect” solo and the final song “Always Move Fast” was ironically a slow song.

Overall I enjoyed my experience. It made me wish I know more about the artists in order to be like the Big Bros and really feel the show like they did. Regardless, I gained some good memories to associate with all their music. Check out all their new albums. They’re great.