The Houston Texans Are Playoff Bound This Year

J.J. Watt
The first game of the football season is around the corner, and I'm giddy as a kid! This will be the first Sports blog this semester and I know I should be talking about UTSA football, but the Houston Texans got me pumped!

The Houston Texans had a terrible year in 2013 going 2-14. Last year they made a huge improvement going 9-7, missing playoffs. But this year will be different, they have made some vast improvements over the offseason making a lot of key acquisitions, as well as another year under their belts. The Texans have acquired players like Vince Wilfork, Rahim Moore, Chris Polk and more.

The Texans already have a terrific defense led by the beast known as J.J. Watt. With the addition of Wilfork and Moore, their defense is only getting better. Brian Cushing is looking for a comeback year, while Jadeveon Clowney is in recovery. Clowney can be a great asset for the team if he lives up to expectations and stays healthy.

Houston also drafted Kevin Johnson, a promising cornerback, in the first round this year. If he develops well, he will be a great replacement for Jonathan Joseph. Joseph is still a great player, but he's starting to get up there in age.

Opposing teams will have a hard time dealing with this defense. Watt is another year better, and he's looking towards the playoffs. He may even have a better case to win MVP this year. Watt finished second in MVP votes last year and Houston didn't even make playoffs. Houston is playoff bound this season. With a new and improved roster, the Texans have to make it into the playoffs.

Despite having quarterback woes the past few seasons, the Texans still have all the right tools for success. Brian Hoyer was recently named the starter and he should fill in valiantly. Many people believed Ryan Mallett would get the start, including me. Hoyer continues to prove the doubters wrong and may be looking at the best year of his career. Let's face it, how much could Hoyer have done in Cleveland?

Arian Foster is going to be out the first few games, but the Texans have a talented backfield led by Alfred Blue. Chris Polk will also be a key factor out of the backfield and may steal the starting job from Blue. 

The Texans also lost Andre Johnson over the offseason, but they will be okay. DeAndre Hopkins had a breakout year last season and will be a great replacement for Johnson. They also drafted a great receiver in Jalen Strong, and also signed free agents Cecil Shorts III and Nate Washington, both of whom are slightly underrated.

Point is, Houston has all the right tools to make it into the playoffs. They aren't clear cut favorites to win their division because the Indianapolis Colts are a fantastic team, but they are definitely going to make some noise this season.