This Past Weekend: From Lady Gaga to Mariachi Nuevo Estilo

Warning: The content within this music video may not be suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

Warnings aside, welcome back to another recap of current happenings within the music scene. Last time we had heard of Lady Gaga she was performing alongside Tony Bennett. Her jazz performances alongside Mr. Bennett have shown she is a versatile artist. Personally, I like their duo version of The Lady is a Tramp. All of sudden, she released a music video to a new song, Til It Happens to You. Currently the music video is half way to hitting 5 million views. 

The song is raw and amplifies the actions within the music video. All of Gaga's previous videos have taken the messages within her music in an artistic manner, such as Born This Way representing the acceptance of one's identity. Accompanied only by a piano, Gaga's voice is clear as daylight singing the words like a cry towards those in the video. 

The video is made to represent how high the possibilities are for a woman to get raped during college. There will be people that probably think some of the actions were melodramatic, but the reason may be because they did not experience it. It is easy to ignore a problem rather than to try to resolve it.

College is meant to be an experience worth enjoying, yet what most college students don't tell incoming freshmen is how important it is to always be on guard. Parties are common, but majority of the times we may not know everybody that is there. Better to play it safe than sorry. 

Personally, I appreciate the video being released since I feel it is more common for parties to happen during the fall semester and with that more dangers. Yet, not everything was dark and moody during this weekend. 

Another thing that happened was the release of One Ok Rock's new single, Last Dance.

For those that don't know, One Ok Rock is a Japanese band. 35xxxv will be their first album being released in the US. A few years ago I stumbled upon their single, Re:make. Obviously, this was in Japanese so I couldn't fully understand what they were singing about, but the music video was captivating. So when I saw they were going to release an album in the US my curiosity was piqued. 

The song, Last Dance, is okay, but then again it is always harder trying to talk in a different language, let alone sing in it. I look forward to 35xxxv and you can pre-order the album before it's released on September 25. 

Yet, One Ok Rock is not the first popular asian artist that has come into the American music stream after PSY opened doors for them with Gangnam Style. The K-Pop group 2NE1 has slowly started to enter the mainstream portion of America's music, even though their music was already known just not as popular. CL, one of the younger members of the group, has been seen alongside Jeremy Scott and Alexander Wang. She also released a single, Dr. Pepper, with Diplo, RIFF RAFF, and OG Maco, and collaborated with Skrillex in his song, Dirty Vibe, with G. Dragon.

Hopefully this brings more asian artists to mainstream American music. I would enjoy an album from SPYAIR.

Lastly, Roadrunners Late Night held Calle UTSA this past Saturday. It had food, games, and other stuff. But this is about the music. The night was quickly taken over by Mariachi Nuevo Estilo.

Before their performance on Saturday night, I only knew the group had performed on America's Got Talent. And they're San Antonio natives! I was completely blown away by the sheer energy they had. The members were engaging to the audience and did covers of many popular songs. One of my favorites was when they did Uptown Funk.

These guys did not hold back. Other girls, and myself, would start doing gritos every now and then just from the excitement. At one point they began playing Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are. This led to one lucky lady amongst the audience getting a special treatment. Good thing it wasn't me, I wouldn't have known what to do if they had directed their attention at me.

Mariachi Nuevo Estilo couldn't leave the stage without performing a few traditional mariachi music. The song "Mariachi Loco" brought back memories of my aunts and uncles. So whenever you feel a little homesick just give these guys a listen. Overall the weekend brought me closer to my Latino roots and other things. I look forward to what next week will bring. Who knows what type of music I'll be listening to next.

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