Touchdown on Fashion

There is a touchdown on fashion with bomber jackets back.

Hello fashion lovers! This is the time of the year when we start to get out our jackets of our closets, because it is getting colder during the evening and night. For trendy jackets, right now is what designers called "the bomber jacket."

According with the magazine "ELLE", the bomber jacket was originally created for the pilots, but the movie "Top Gun" put it on the runways. Each designer has their own interpretation of this jacket; for example, Tommy Hilfiger designed the bomber jacket as the typical American football's uniform. While Coach made it in a rock & roll style. Whatever look you decide, you can combine it with jeans, skirts, high heels and boots.

I love bomber jackets because they give women a masculine sense which means self-confidence in ourselves, power, and gender equality. In addition, they are very comfortable when the weather is getting cold but is still warm, because they are super big and heavy.

If you would like to see more bomber jacket style please click on this link:
Bomber jacket.


  1. Love bomber jackets, so comfy and tough looking. <3 Great article dear!

  2. I'm more of a moto jacket girl. I'm glad bomber jackets are coming back but, it's SO hard to find a good aviator bomber jacket.