Turning 21

Two weeks away from turning 21 and what I’m truly focused on is the fact that I know myself so much I’m comfortable with who I am. 

For you crazy kids who love Drake
Everyone has room for improvements, but I’ve found my niche very well. I can go and legally buy the wines that I take a liking to, and still be the person I’m comfortable with. I’m not the type to party, go out with crowds, or enjoy the club scene. I don’t like the loudness or obnoxiousness of people. But I still love the people who enjoy these scenes. I don’t have a problem with people making their own decisions for what they personally like to do.

In reality, turning 21 I’m sure used to be a much higher milestone for being able to legally drink. I’m more focused on the increase I’m going to get on my credit card to help pay my rent!

Forget this….

I’m turning 21! I’m freaking ready to eat cake and feel like the adult I am with my best friends!

Don't say you haven't done this...
I’m so ready to celebrate making it this long in life. I’m almost done with college, having a great time, keeping busy, and finding the right time to relax. Once a year, I celebrate this day and feel so accomplished with how far I’ve come. This year, it’s the Big 21 that everyone talks so much about on so many levels! Why not be excited about it?!

When you turn 21, don’t get too crazy. Be safe about it all and don’t forget that you are celebrating yourself. See you other oldies on the other side!