UTSA Music Fraternity and the Healing Power of Music

SAI Theta Gamma Chapter presenting Morningside Ministries with their $1,000 Check
“Daughters of a great and singing Nation” let their “voices rise in dedication” as they successfully raised over $1,000 to not just bring awareness to Alzheimer’s and Dementia, but to certify Morningside Ministries in Music and Memory.
Official Logo for M&M

Certifying this care facility in Music and Memory means that the healing power of music was brought with trained professionals to touch the hearts and souls of residents. If you haven’t already seen the miracle that is music, get on Netflix to watch Michael Bennett’s incredible Documentary, Alive Inside. He’ll take you on an extraordinarily truthful journey that leaves you reflecting on the lives around you, and even your own. Also, click the link above about Music and Memory to read more into how it all works. 

The Theta Gamma Chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, International Women’s Music Fraternity, started less than a year ago on this project, just as they were inspired the day they saw the documentary. I say “they”, but I really mean “we”, as I too, am in this remarkable Fraternity. From inspiration, to choosing a health care facility, we performed in an awareness concert to raise money and fundraised like crazy. We were then able to present our project at the SAI National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri this past summer. We reached a large number of members throughout the Nation to join the project. Recently, we were invited by the director HIMSELF, to perform at the free screening of Alive Inside at the Palladium this past August. We’re working very hard to certify at least two more nursing homes this academic school year.

SAI Theta Gamma Chapter at the free screening of Alive Inside with Director, Michael Bennett
I just want to take a moment to really put things in perspective. We certified Morningside Ministries, but that doesn’t mean that we gave them the money and just left. We were asked to go on a tour and see just where our money is going and how it’s being used!

Check for $1,000 donated to Morningside

May I say, they weren’t only kind and generous, but absolutely genuine. First off, I’ve never laid eyes on a more beautiful community that is structured at the intelligence that it is. They have different locations for the level of living assistance you need. For instance, they have houses with garages for residents, as well as the main grounds for patients. The houses are gorgeous, a cozy size, and in neighborhoods that aren’t filled with crazy kids running around. Haha.

In all seriousness though, Morningside Ministries provides wonderful lifestyle living that doesn’t put you in a position that makes you feel useless or alone.
The amount of effort that comes from it is stunning. On the tour, we met Kelly and Monty. They explained how everything worked at the living community and answered any questions we had without batting an eye. Monty drove around and introduced us to some of the residents. We even had the chance to gaze upon the beautiful works of art of a resident who was a painter in her prime. Who’s to say she WAS? Rather, she IS that painter! I wish I had pictures to show, but respectfully, we admired her work and continued on the tour.

Monty explained the different types of activities they do to keep residents from depression and sadness. There is a display of wonderful pictures at the entrance of the facility! 

Activity pictures from Morningside Ministries
Activity pictures from Morningside Ministries
You’ll see in the picture below, just how much is provided to participate in. Walking Petting zoos, sing-a-longs, reading time, exercise, chapel time, trivia’s…ANYTHING you can think of! The staff is marvelous and knows each other very well.

Activity Calendar from Morningside Ministries.
The community is lively and the Theta Gamma Chapter was part of adding to the excitement. It’s truly an honor to have experienced what we did on this tour. We will be returning for follow-ups on how the certification is changing the lives of residents for the better, even more than they already are. We’re not stopping here, but we are so humbled to have started at Morningside Ministries.