UTSA Wins PINK Campus Showdown!

After 10 days of tough competition, UTSA came out victorious.
Victoria's Secret hosts a PINK Campus Showdown annually to see which college campus can win "The best party of the year". 

This whole PINK Nation contest was intense. I didn't even know what was going on until someone tagged me in a post on Instagram. The second I saw the picture, I figured I'd try to tag everyone I knew that would like the picture in order to win. Round after round of different social media contests, it's almost surprising how UTSA got to surpass most of them and went straight to the final round. All of this commotion to win a giant party. 

On InstaLove day, UTSA won with about 21,000 likes INSTANTLY advancing to the finals (pun intended). Even after that round was finished, other schools still tried to beat us and continued liking their pic. Sorry UCF! 

But this is SO not where everything ends. In fact, it was only the beginning...
It started with Instagram, then moved on to SnapChatting and tweets then lastly, Tap Races. 
For a few days, UTSA just sat back and relaxed until the final round of the contest came around, in which we had to download the PINK Nation app to play Tap Races. For 24 hours, the entire campus was tapping away. Left and right, everywhere you looked, students, even faculty and staff were tapping. Even as Rowdy Radio was hard at work in our workspace in Student Activities, Barry McKinney walked in and asked "Is Rowdy Radio tapping?" In which we replied, "Yes, sir, we so are!"

Rowdy Radio Tapping for the Win!
Although the contest seemed out of reach in the first hour with LSU in the lead, it only gave us incentive to push forward and not stop until we were victorious. OSU and UNLV had no chance at winning, even within the first hour of the contest. Halfway into the second hour, UTSA took the lead and kept on going until the contest was over, thus giving us the win for the Victoria's Secret PINK Campus Showdown.

Our final score was 367,856,228 taps and LSU was 240,087,856; we beat them by 127,768,372 taps!

Final scores, Courtesy of Rowdy Tapper, Bryan De Leon.
UTSA gets it; we're not the biggest school in Texas. In fact, we're just the right size. A whole community of Roadrunner pride! We, at UTSA, are the fastest growing university in Texas, and we love our home. We'd like to say "good game" to all of our "rivals", just like the first graders at the end of their soccer games and even college athletes do. It's not about accepting defeat or boasting about winning, but about fair chances and given respect that accumulates humility and a Top Tier attitude. 

We may be on the smaller size, but sure enough, we are ROWDY!