What Went Down: This Will Destroy You & Bright Like The Sun

Bright Like The Sun performing at Paper Tiger, photo by RR Photographer Chase Otero.
Post rock, lasers, feels and a lot more were found downtown at the Paper Tiger last night. A Friday has never been this good in a long time as Bright Like The Sun, a local San Antonio band, opened for This Will Destroy You. Who just happens to be our neighbors from San Marcos. These bands, if you don’t already know, focus a lot on composing and playing instrumental pieces. While still slipping in some melodic hums and screams.
These songs I believe were created for the sole purpose for bringing out raw emotions and feelings that you never knew existed… well that’s just my opinion.

So to start off, Bright Like The Sun came out silent, with fans cheering as they picked up their instruments and let the music do the talking. The crowd swooned. I also forgot to mention that it was a packed house with about two hundred plus people in attendance.

Photo by RR Photographer Chase Otero.
The place was steamy. My buddy Chase and I polled the people around us and there was a good mixture of fans and nonfans who were both there for the opener and headliner. So shout out to all San Antonians who support local music! 

Anyways, back to Bright Like The Sun. With each strum of the guitar the crowd began to sway from side to side almost in unison. It was impossible to stand still at this point. People in all directions moved me and I was totally ok with that. After all you had to be ok with it because there was little room to move anywhere. I’ve personally experienced this feeling only a few times before at other venues, but last night was something special that went down at Paper Tiger. And this was just the opener.

Photo by RR Photographer Chase Otero.

BLTS’s songs flowed seamlessly from one to another dropping to soft lows and hard highs. The crowd was soaking it all up. BLTS definitely had a crowd hype feel when their songs would reach their ‘peak’ of musical loudness. The bassist and lead guitarist would both play side by side of each other, bouncing and banging to the down beats, while their drummer would be in his zone, as I could tell this man absolutely loved his job. This continued for about an hour or so until they had to hand over the reins to This Will Destroy You.

After their set was over, Bright Like The Sun graciously thanked the crowd and exited similarly to how they came on, silent with the crowd cheering for them. Also, we got to exchange greetings with lead singer and guitarist, Chris Etheredge, who couldn’t have been nicer. Always love a band that can meet with their fans.

This Will Destroy You, TWDY, the name already speaks for itself. There was a fifteen minute gap in between the two sets. Once people got a chance to catch their breath they brought instant feels and the rain with them during their performance. The atmosphere created could not have been any more perfect. 

This Will Destroy You on stage, photo by RR Photographer Chase Otero.
I believe Paper Tiger installed new smoke and laser machines previously before this show. This is the first time I’ve seen something like this being used at this venue. The lasers were just brilliant and shot all across the room in several directions. In the words of the person sanding next me, “Wow that’s trippy." 

TWDY was absolutely killer.  I am somewhat familiar with their music as it was featured in two major films but there were some hardcore fans in attendance. From pushing to get a closer look to just straight up tearing up. People were into the music and it was beautiful. 

As mentioned earlier the music had its own voice and it definitely spoke to a lot of people last night. I especially thought it was cool how people lost themselves in the music and straight up vibed with something that had no words or meaning to it. 

Photo by RR Photographer Chase Otero.
I especially took notice of this when the lady next to me grabbed my waist and jammed to the melody with me while I was taking pictures. After I said “who the **** are you?”, she said “your friend”, and isn’t that all we deep down are... a friend? 

TWDY’s lead guitarist, Jeremy Galindo, must have had some pretty technical guitar riffs because he was sitting down in front of his kick board the whole set, which I didn’t mind because he was a foot and a half away from me killing it the entire time. We made it something of our own and I think that was what the band wanted to do since their inception. 
Jeremy Galindo sitting on his kick board, photo by RR Photographer Chase Otero.
At the beginning of the last song the lead guitarist, Chris King, stopped, wiped his face, and said, “Maybe we should perform here more often”. When they ended their set they waved us good bye and left the stage. That was obviously not enough. The crowd demanded an encore and they got it. At that point we were all lost in the music. 

This blog was co-written by Chase Otero and Daniel Mathura.

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