10 Things from Week 4 of Football

Aaron Rodger (Photo Credit: tribunereporter.com)
1. Green Bay is still unstoppable

Green Bay has been an elite team for a while and even after Brett Favre, they found talent in Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is undoubtedly the best quarterback in the game today. He has yet to throw an interception this season, and has one of the highest completion rates. Their offense is as polished as ever, even without Jordy Nelson, the Packers are unstoppable on offense. They signed former Packer, James Jones over the offseason, hoping to find the old Jones. Jones has proved to be an asset even after all these years, he’s still got chemistry with Rodgers. Their run game is also a factor, with Eddie Lacy running like Beast Mode (Marshawn Lynch) 2.0, and James Starks proving to be a quality back up. With the offense running like a well-oiled machine, the biggest liability was their defense. But that is not the case this season. Their defense has gotten a lot better.

2. The Falcons and Bengals are on a tear

To my surprise the Atlanta Falcons and Cincinnati Bengals have been playing way above average. Matt Ryan has been on point all season, and Andy Dalton is finally finding his stride. Julio Jones has started the season strong, and is on pace to break career highs in yards, receptions and touchdowns. However, he did have a down performance this past Sunday. He along with A.J. Green are among the top 10, if not top 5 receivers in the NFL. Their teams’ success should not come as a surprise. Devanta Freeman has had back to back outstanding performances and may take his starting job back from Rookie Tevin Coleman. As for Jeremy Hill he had a great bounce back game this Sunday, and figures to still be the lead back. However, there has been more of a timeshare in Cincinnati, between Hill and Giovanni Bernard. Regardless the Bengals are looking strong, going undefeated along with Atlanta, Green Bay and a couple other teams.

Drew Brees (Photo Credit:Chris Greythen-espn.go.com)

3. Drew Brees’ still got it

Brees’ proved that he’s still got it last Sunday Night. Even with an injured shoulder, Brees took over the game, and managed it with elegance. After the departure of Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills, the Saints don’t have a lot of talented receivers, other than Brandin Cooks. Willie Snead has become a reliable target for Brees. Their offense has slowed down over the years, but they can still pour it on every now and then. They picked up their first win Sunday against the Cowboys. But their biggest problem lies within their defense. They have had one of the worse defenses in the league, but are trying to make progress. They did sign Former New England Patriot, Brandon Browner, who was key in the Patriots road to the Super Bowl.

4. Cowboys are Vulnerable

Things continue to get worse for the Dallas Cowboys. They have already lost Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, and they just lost more players this past week. Defense leader, Sean Lee left the game, and may be out for a while. Also Lance Dunbar suffered an injury at the start of the second half, and after Brice Butler hauled in a 67 yard pass, he exited the game. The Cowboys are facing a lot of key injuries this season, hopefully they can recover from it, because they have a promising future ahead of them.

5. The Dolphins and Eagles continue to struggle

After key acquisitions, many people thought the Dolphins and Eagles were going to make a lot of noise this season, but they both have gotten off to a slow start starting the season off 1-3. After Sunday’s horrific loss against the Jets, the Dolphins have decided to let go of Joe Philbin. Even with the addition of Ndamukong Suh, the Dolphins seem to have gotten worse. They have only managed 1 sack all year long. Their defense have been such a surprise, they have a ton of talent on the defensive end, with Cameron Wake, Oliver Vernon, and Suh, but they can’t seem to find their ways to the QB. However, their best cornerback, Brent Grimes went out with an injury against the Jets. Beyond their defense, the only problem with the Dolphins offense is their offensive line. Ryan Tannehill has been under fire all season long. Even while under fire, Ryan Tannehill finds way to get the ball down field. He does have quite a few interceptions this year, but with a better offensive line, that could change. As for the Eagles, they just need to get their act together. Sam Bradford found his rhythm on Sunday, but they still feel short of the win. Better days lie ahead for the Eagles.

6. Kickers continue to struggle

For some reason kickers this season have been struggling. They have missed more field goals up to this point in the season than last season. There have been a lot of kicker changes thus far in the season. San Diego released Nick Novak, and went with Josh Lambo, while Houston signed Novak and let go of Randy Bullock. It’s been a strange season, and even though kickers are overlooked, they are one of the most important players on the team. Teams have won and lost games because of their kickers, just ask the Ravens and Saints.

7. Peyton Manning is slowing down

Manning is definitely a different player this season. His age is finally catching up to him. The Broncos have been winning games, but Manning has still been struggling. They have relied heavily on their defense to win games. Statistically they have the best defense in the league. Their run game has also been lacking. They can’t get much done on the ground with C.J. Anderson starting. Ronnie Hillman will eventually take the starting job from Anderson.

8.Could the Giants be on the rise?

Eli Manning has been getting a lot of criticism over the past few years. But believe it or not, Eli is one of the best in the business. He doesn’t have two championship rings because he sucks. He may not be on the same level as his brother Peyton, or Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers, but he’s got talent. All he needed was an upgraded offense, and that’s what he has this season. Odell Beckham Jr. slowed down a bit since last season, but he is still putting up huge numbers. Beckham remains the top option in New York. He made another iconic catch Sunday, but unfortunately he made it out of bounds. Clearly the pass was out, but Beckham still hauled it in with one hand, showing off his athleticism and hands. 

9. Antonio Browns streak ends

With Ben Roethlisberger missing last Thursday’s game, Antonio Brown’s production fell short. Brown has been taking the league by storm the past couple of seasons. He is their most dangerous target through the air. However, last week’s game, Brown came back down to Earth. He was on an insane streak. He has caught at least 5 catches with at least 50 yards for 35 games straight until last Thursday. I don’t know if it was because the Ravens defense shut him down, or it was because Roethlisberger wasn’t playing. Brown had an opportunity to extend his streak during a critical part in overtime, but he couldn’t bring in Michael Vicks wild pass.

Andre Johnson (Photo Credit: Darron Cummings-washingtontimes.com)
10. The Colts wasted money on Andre Johnson

With the emergence of T.Y Hilton, the Colts thought it would be best to let future Hall of Famer in Reggie Wayne go. With his departure they figured they needed another receiver to fill his spot. So during the offseason they signed Texans star receiver Andre Johnson. His contract may have been one of the biggest mistakes the Colts made in recent history, next to the Trent Richardson trade. Johnson hasn’t done much this season, and he is starting to see a decrease in snaps. I don’t know why they signed Johnson, he is a great player, but they have great up and coming receivers in Donte Moncrief and Philip Dorsett. Moncrief showed glimpses of talent and potential last season, but the Colts didn’t trust him. Moncrief has practically stolen the starting job from Johnson and has given the Colts life through the past four games. With the slow start on the season as well as questionable franchise decisions over the years, Head Coach Chuck Pagano is now in the hot seat. I’m sure Pagano will stay head coach, but it’s a topic worth noting.