10 Things Good College Kids can do When They're Sick

           10 Things Good College Kids can do When They’re Sick

Sick meme

1. Sleep

Sleeping Child

   Resting your body is the number 1 thing you can do to heal in a timely manner. Sometimes when you’re sick and you’ve slept a lot, you don’t feel like you need to rest anymore, but don’t fall into the trap! It just means that the rest is WORKING and you need to KEEP resting! Besides, after all those sleepless nights, it gives you a chance to be thankful for your time to catch all the Zs.

  Most of the time, college kids are absolutely over-worked with the homework, the lectures, the simple stress that consistently builds up when you actually don’t have any homework to do but it’s in the back of your mind! Your body is put through a strain whether you think so or not. We’re paying loads of money to attend school while managing 1 or more jobs, and maybe a club or two. Although being sick is not fun at all, it’s your time to take a pause in your busy life so you can recuperate and rejuvenate. Everyone needs a break now and again, so don’t feel bad for being “useless”; it’s all in your head! You are a hard worker and you deserve it!

      2. Eat Light

My stomach is an absolute TANK when it comes to food and food is my best friend. When it is time to chow down, it’s time to TEAR IT UP! 

Goku's Appeptite
  Oh how I love hot and spicy foods that make my heart catch a flavorful fire… BUT when sick, you’ve gotta take it easy on your precious tummy too. Your body is already weak so your stomach can almost be no match for anything you really want to eat. Most of the time, when I get sick, I lose my appetite completely and don’t want to eat. The smells of everything  just make me nauseous and all I can think about is “well, at least I can lose some weight and not think I’m starving myself because I’m technically sick…sooooo…here’s to a skinnier me!!” WRONG!

  Your body needs some sort of energy to heal too, so eating is essential! Eat light things like soups or maybe even oatmeal or Cream of Wheat. The more simple the meal, the easier it is to eat because there aren’t as many mixed smells fooling around with your taste buds. If you don’t eat, you’re actually more likely to gain additional weight when you get your strength back because your body is searching for everything it missed out on.

Sick man eating soup in bed

  I know, I know… it’s not always that simple when your body is pushed to it’s limit and you really can’t keep anything down. The most you can do at that point is STAY HYDRATED! Water is this glorious thing that sort of keeps us alive and kicking, so lots of it can help drain out your body.

3. Catch up on work or get ahead

  Sometimes you’re sick to the point where you can’t be out and about mingling among others even though you really want to, but you’re not sick enough to be a zombie around the bedroom sooo.... what do you do?

Walking Dead- Hershel

  Catch up on missed school work that you may have, or get ahead on assignments. Put your time to use while you’re resting! We often really don’t want to, but in the end, it really comes in handy and don’t say it won’t because you know it does.

  Plus, if you get ahead, that gives you leeway when everyone else is scurrying to finish and you’re there like, “Pha! You fools! I’ve surpassed you and there’s nothing you can do about it!” 

Aww Yeeaa Meme

4. Netflix it up

  If there’s anything more wonderful than having time to yourself while you’re resting but maybe can’t sleep, it’s NETFLIX BI*CH! I’ve talked about how on my days of relaxation, I drink wine and watch Naruto, but these last few weeks in school have been extremely intense and time consuming, leaving Naruto cast aside. 
Naruto crying

  No matter! After getting a few things done for school ahead of time before the next week, I can finally catch up on one of my favorite shows! Better yet, I can also watch a movie or two that I haven’t seen in a long time and I can finally feel forgiven for the neglect I’ve been issuing.

  Maybe you’ve seen everything on Netflix that you’ve loved for a long time, but there’s always something weird that you haven’t viewed before or didn’t know was there. Explore Netflix and find things you didn’t think were interesting, but people sorta told you about it, or you heard the title in passing. Just watch it! What have you got to lose? You’re already sitting in your sickly pool just revving to find something to do or watch. You’ll probably end up surprising yourself and then be thankful for taking that tiny risk.

5.  Enjoy your day in PJs!

Comfy Dog Jammies

  Who in the blimey heck is going to see you?! Take off your makeup, let your hair run free or pull it back and lounge around in your most comfortable PJs. By all means, a very important thing you can do for yourself is be lazy in PJs! Your body is tired and all over the place; be kind and comfort it with those clothes you’ve got tossed on the floor for your laziest days. If there’s anything you can do to happily speed your process along, it’s wearing something that helps you feel snuggled, safe, and careless. Seriously, it’s a freaking stress just putting on clothes to go out in public, but you’re home and have the opportunity to be sloppy AND comfortable.

6. Do something crafty

So you’re home alone and not in the mood to be lazy, but still need something to do. My suggestion: BE CRAFTY! Last winter, I spent my alone time painting things. I have no idea why this is so freaking awesome, but I’m proud of my transformations and I have them on display in my current apartment!

Elora's Mirror Craft

Bird Cage Craft

Jar craft

  Doing something crafty relaxes your mind because there isn’t a time restraint on you to get this project done, but there is flexibility with your creativity and a sense of accomplishment when you’re finished. There’s always junk lying around your place begging to be used in some way, shape, or form. You can always find ideas on the web for simple things you can do. My thing is home decoration. I have this odd obsession to just “enhance” things that are around me and then have them decorate my living space. I am nowhere near any type of artist, but I will say that I take pride in my work.

  You could paint a canvas, jars, furniture, and your shoes! You could draw things or make things to give other people. Being crafty also doesn’t mean making things! You could rearrange your furniture in all your rooms. You could even reorganize your kitchen cabinets. The change is all to your liking and it gives you a chance to feel something new around you that you chose to do, so it’s positive and reassuring for the mind and heart.

7. Play video games

Just like catching up on Netflix, you should totes play videogames. Beat a level you haven’t had time for, or start a new game you’ve been dying to try. Call me a loser, but after watching The Lego Movie, I had to get the game for the Xbox. I do have an Xbox; it’s the 360; I got it for free one time when Best Buy had this promotional deal that when you bought a laptop and were registered for taking college courses, you got a free Xbox. Even though I was still in high school, I did the whole Dual Enrollment junk so IT COUNTED, BUAHAHAHAHA!

Nonetheless, I got The Lego Movie game and had the freaking time of my life. Seriously, it’s SO FUN! If you haven’t had the chance to play it yet, by all means, DO IT! My best friends laughed at me, but little did they know that such a simple game would give me so much happiness and a way to feel like I could actually play a game on Xbox! I had this theory that I would never be able to play games on Xbox because my hands were made for Playstation and Super Nintendo... 

Playstation Controller
Super Nintendo Controller

But ALAS! I found a game that I thoroughly enjoyed and was really good at! After finishing that game, I even got Lego Marvel and holy guacamole!! The detail that they put into NYC is AMAZING.

Try a Lego game! They may seem simple, but they are SO FUN!

8.  Update your electronics

Windows Update

Your laptop is seriously bugging the crap out of you for an update. Gosh darn it, this is the moment to truly care for your baby! Right before you zonk out into a deep sleep where all the drool in the world escapes your body, let your electronics update, would ya? They need to be rejuvenated too! They work so hard to be there for you whenever you need or want them, so please don’t abuse your expensive things and help them so they can help you.

9. Paint your nails

UGH! Your pigs need a makeover! They’re trapped in some sort of sock or shoe all day, every day! Clip ‘em, trim ‘em, paint ‘em! You’ll be thankful for when you just wanna wear some chanclas (flip flops), or open toed shoes of any sort.

Hello Kitty Toenails

GUYS- Don’t think that your pigs don’t need some lovin’ too! You’ll get some seriously wicked attention if your feet are taken care of. I’m not saying paint them, but it’s good to make sure they’re all clean and that your nails are also spiffy for whoever is going to see them. Plus, you’ll feel great, trust me!

Chuck Norris Approved

Also, it’s really good to soak your feet in some hot water and salt. Your feet are special and pretty crazy things when it comes to helping your body heal when you’re sick. Why do you think your grandma’s are constantly telling you to wear socks in the house? Seriously though, soak them and you’ll be surprised with the result.

10. Feed your Pinterest Addiction

Pinterest icon

  Last, but certainly not least… Pinterest is not just for girls! It’s a gender-equal website that helps you do or find pretty much anything and everything. It’s where I got my craft ideas and all of the crazy recipes I want to be able to make one day. It’s a way to find tattoo ideas, music, dance, science things, math things. There’s stuff on there for just about everyone, so give it a try. It can link you directly to websites where you can buy the things you didn’t think were still around! Pinterest is super great for expanding your knowledge of the different things you like or have noticed before. You can create boards for other people to follow and network off of that. It’s really neat and if you want to see any of my fun things, just type in “Elora Ballejos” and you’ll bear witness to the things that make me feel like if I had time to complete something, I have Pinterest to reference and actually do it with all the “How to’s” and “Easy step” guides.

What other things can you come up with to do when you’re sick? Comment below and share your experiences!