5 Things You Didn't Know About Pizza in San Antonio

The place you want to be at tonight. Image by Katiekime.com
  Throw your stereotypes of a greasy pepperoni pizza out the door because Barbaro is making a new name for the holy grail of food: pizza.

  After reading this blog you'll be a better informed San Antonian, and wonder why you've never been to this place, but in the end you'll be on your way to try one of the best pizza joints in town. Warning: This is not your typical dine in pizza place such as Pizza Hut or Big Lou's. Also, it is not Digiorno. It is fathomably so much better. Let me break it down for you...

1. It CAN be eaten on a first date (highly recommended!)

Image by imgflip.com
  You're date just went from a 7 (Olive Garden) to a 10, if you act right (Barbaro). Jokes aside, if you really want to impress someone take them here. Not that you need your date to like you because of where you take them! But this place sets the mood. Right when you walk in you automatically feel like you were warped into the coziest, most romantic, yet rustic and hip place you've ever been to. The lighting is dim (think of a candlelit, elegant bar) which makes for a great first date setting. The mood is laid back but charming. Entirely, your date will feel comfortable and excited! And as if dating wasn't hard enough, the food and drinks will just add on to the atmosphere.

2. You can have it with HOT SAUCE!

  Amongst the endless options of toppings available to create your pizza, Barbaro has some pizzas already created for you by their chefs. (ALL HAIL THE PIZZA CHEFS) One of which includes, HOT JOY: It's the perfect Korean flavor pizza infused with a kick of spiciness. Definitely a different taste than the classic pepperoni.

Pictured is the Hot Joy pizza alongside a few handcrafted cocktails. Image by thestyledossier.com
  Although, every time I go, I order a pizza that I've created over the time span of a couple visits here. I think I got the formulation just right because it never fails me. "I'll have a large pizza, extra sauce, with pepperoni and bacon" is what I say to my server. Exactly like that, no exceptions.

  Other than that, I highly recommend getting a classic pepperoni pizza. It's a great way to judge a pizza joint. Because unfortunately, you CAN mess up a classic pepperoni pizza. But lucky for you, you're reading a blog written by the pizza queen herself with an immaculate pizza pallete. (Who has also had countless pizza adventures in her lifetime many of which were in different cities and states)
And Barbaro is one of the top choices for pizza in town. Once you have a menu in your hand, you'll feel the power of the pizza-creating-genies like myself.

3. The perfect crust comes from a wood fire brick oven

  Barbaro chefs know how to cook their pizza to perfection. Every pizza is made to order, down to the rolling of the dough. Expect a thin crust pizza. This type of pizza is hard to master, but if you can fold the pizza in half and still have a crispy crust, you're doing it right. The aroma of the pizza is to die for. If you can wait for your pizza to cool down a bit after it gets to your table, hats off to you my friend. (I was really excited about how delicious this pizza smelled that I might have burned my tounge a bit) Nonetheless enjoy yo pizza!

4. It is being served up past midnight

  We're talking about a full on dine in experience. But you can order delivery if you'd like. Let's face it, pizza cravings sky rocket late at night. You will not be dissapointed by choosing this place to fulfill your craving. Friday and Saturday they're open til 2 A.M. and other nights until midnight.

  If you're looking for something to eat on those bar hopping nights; Barbaro is top choice. It's nearby the St.Mary's strip and on top of that, is a bar in itself. Which brings me to the fifth thing you didn't know about pizza in San Antonio...

5. You can have Rosé with it too 

  My second favorite thing about the restaurant (first is the pizza, duh) is the bar. It's beautiful and elegant, while at the same time being hip and laid back; which is the theme of this entire place. It's diversity makes it possible to hang out with friends and have a good time but also take out your crush who finally said yes to dinner. The drink menu makes you as excited as the pizza menu itself. From cocktails to whiskey, and endless beer choices to wine the drinks make your experience even more unique.

Barbaro bar in daylight. Image by royaltheartist.com
  The bartenders are knowledgeable, fun, and know what they are doing when mixing your drinks. The drink menu does a great job of describing cocktails. Read the descriptions and you'll be sure to find one that catches your attention. I found my go-to drink the first time I tried it. It's called Rosé All Day.

  In the end, after writing all of this I will more than likely head on over to Barbaro, because it is now about 10 P.M., my pizza cravings are high and they're open late. But before that, you are now 5 pizza things smarter than before and you have a new place to try. What are you waiting for?

This could be you taking pics of your date. Image by spiderjuese.
Here is where to go to find out how to get there: Barbaro

Don't forget to come back and comment below what you thought of this pizza haven. I'd love to hear about your pizza adventure.

                                         Bon Appétit!


  1. "It's not Digiorno" lol awesome blog! And yes, thin crust is the only way to go! I also like the fact that its open late, cuz nothings ever open late :P

  2. Lol why thank you!! Glad you liked it. And yes I made sure to emphasize that it's open late because it can be pretty hard to find some good places open past midnight. Whataburger is great and all but it's always nice to have other choices once in a while!

  3. Can't wait to go and try pizza at Barbaro. :P Nice post! Congrats, Dora!!

  4. You won't be disappointed, thanks Samantha!!